pickford media are content reimagined with a growth hacker mindset

Pickford Media is your go-to for video production and content strategy for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

We’re your long term partners for growth through creativity, curiosity and collaborative storytelling.

Think of your business’s content strategy as a combination of
 content creation, content marketing and social media management, all worked into your business systems (like advertising, client and staff on-boarding, internal comms, and client nurturing) with a strong focus on video content because it’s immersive and impactful (and the algorithms LOVE it!)

Content strategy =
  • content creation
  • content marketing
  • social media management
  • video production
  • business systems
  • advertising
  • client on-boarding
  • distribution and analytics
  • internal communications
  • client nurturing
  • staff training
  • sales funnels
*** We’re slowly opening up our sets again on a case by case basis!***

To chat about your project, book in a chat with Zoe or email us at hello@pickfordmedia.com.

You can find our updated COVID-19 Production Guidelines here.

Three ways to press play:

video production pickford media

One-off content creation


Sometimes you just need help putting together a piece of content.

We can help you with one-off video production, planning and/or editing, podcasting, blogs and social media posts.

rise documentary pickford media

Youtube channel management + strategy


When you’re ready to get serious with your video strategy for your business, we’ll sort you out with video hosting, community engagement, video optimisation and channel analytics.


video strategy pickford media

Organic Reach Content Strategy

This is the multi-step, high touch, scaleable content system we’re perfected over the last five years to become an organic lead generating powerhouse. We’ll help you tailor a complete content strategy to your unique business goals, implemented within our Pickford Media framework.

So, video huh?

Video is an incredibly powerful tool. 

When we started Pickford Media in 2015, businesses were beginning to realise just how powerful video could be in reaching unheard of audiences on Facebook, or converting leads in webinar sales funnels. In an early iteration of our website, we referred to 2015 as ‘The Year of the Webinar’.

Then 360 video and drones went from relative obscurity to the norm. Facebook and Youtube incorporated 360 view on their platforms and VR glasses became a thing!

Snapchat trialled their Spectacles, remember that? Suddenly businesses, brands and big names were able to connect with their audience and potential clients on a whole new level.

Actually, do you even remember Snapchat? Before Instagram stole back the market share with Stories? It wasn’t that long ago, and since then we’ve even seen another market shift with IGTV.

What about Vine?! In 2015 we had a whole series of six second video tips for businesses complete with crazy jump cuts to ensure the videos stayed under the time restrictions.

Throughout all these changes, we’ve stayed on top of trends and worked out new ways businesses could capitalise on the algorithm changes to reach their tribes, engage with their audience and convert leads.

Back when we started, we were

just a production company.

After a whole bunch of meetings with our people, we realised that most of us don’t know what to do with our beautiful video once it has been made.

We’ve learned that used the right way, video marketing can help you grow your brand awareness and build traction, give you an expert status in your field and connect with your audience in a real and personal way.

Used the wrong way it can cost a LOT of money with very little return on investment.