Welcome to Pickford Media

Pickford Media are more than just a production company.

We are video strategists.

Most production companies hand over a video at the end of a project,
leaving you with an .mp4 and no advice on how to market it.


(Or one you've made yourself!)


Our video production service is completely comprehensive, from planning to filming and sound recording, to post-production including video editing, colour correction, sound editing and music production. We have worked on all kinds of video projects from event coverage, tv commercials and documentaries, to community television and social media content.


Here you'll find a selection of videos we've worked on over the last year. As you can probably tell, we're pretty nuts about working with female entrepreneurs! But we don't discriminate: we've worked everywhere from our flagship TV show Antiques with Attitude and broadcast radio, to short films and web series. You can find even more content on our sister-blog MORTALS for all things Melbourne.


We very strongly believe in professional development and sharing the knowledge. We've garnered ourselves a fair bit of film industry know-how and business experience over the years, and we want to share what we've learnt so you can apply it to your biz. You can find that here in our ecourses, group workshops and one-and-ones, and on the blog!


It's after all the planning, strategising, production and editing that the magic of successful video content really happens, and it is also the part of the journey that most entrepreneurs get wrong. You need to know what video metrics to track, how, when and where to upload you video, and how to make sure you're utilising all the best video SEO practices you can. What we don't want is you spending thousands of dollars on video content that barely anyone engages with, when that video be helping you find clients, provide value and build your brand.


Interested in working together? You've made it this far. Let's take the leap and talk about how to grow your business with digital content. Contact Pickford Media for a consultation or just to chat about an upcoming project.

Video is an incredibly powerful tool.

Used the right way, video marketing can help you grow your brand awareness and build traction, give you an expert status in your field and connect with your audience in a real and personal way.

Used the wrong way it can cost a LOT of money with very little return on investment.

We analyse what your company is doing online in the digital space, and search for gaps and opportunities to use video content as a lead generator, customer engagement tool and brand awareness builder.

Pickford Media will assess what you have been doing (whether or not you've been using video content already, that's okay!) and create a video game plan for your business.

Pickford Media are more than just a production company, Pickford Media are Video Strategists - Woman being video-ed with a microphone above her A lot of production companies do not want you to know how to do what they do. We think that's crazy.

You need to know how to run things, especially when starting out your business without the cashflow to have a permanent staff member to look after video editing, managing YouTube channels and social media accounts, and video analytics.

We help women in business make their businesses better, using tools you already have.

When it comes down to it, lots of types of videos are easy to produce, and there's no shortage of videographers and production companies able to film and edit a bigger video production.

It's what happens after you make it that is the key to successful video.

We help you utilise the marketing tools, technology and video content you may already have to help your business grow, and we will do it without all the jargon to help you keep doing it long after our work together is over.

Who We Are

Pickford Media founder Zoe Winther's headshot

Zoe Winther
CEO, director, editor, gaga enthusiast

Pickford Media was founded by Zoe Winther in 2015 after being inspired by her work with the League of Extraordinary Women, the Society for Women in Information TeCHnology (SWITCH), and the RMIT Womyns Room.

Being surrounded by entrepreneurial women at the League every day, it was only a matter of time before her casual freelance video production work was to turn into her full time production company.

Zoe is an RMIT University graduate with a Bachelor of Communications, and has expanded her study into Information Technology.

Starting at the bottom as a slate-clapper and lunch-bringer on community television, Zoe has credits as director of photography, script supervisor, production designer and unit manager, and she has now progressed to director and producer of a TV series. She has also produced and hosted radio programs on SYN and RRR, and brings this wealth of knowledge from the film industry to even the smallest piece of content for businesses.

Pickford Media production manager Abramo Peghini's headshot

Abramo Peghini
Producer, sound engineer, jazz officianado

Abramo Peghini is your go-to guy for your video production. From pre-production to post-production he will guide your video project to get the very best results and answer any of your weird and wonderful technical and not-so-technical questions. "Uh, where do I put my hands..?!"

Abramo has a background in audio production and post-production sound as well as studio recording and live music. You can find some of his recent credits on his website Sound for Picture.

After moving to Melbourne in 2013 to expand his work in film and TV, Abramo met Zoe and quickly became her go to sound tech. In 2016 they made it official as business partners, and in 2018 they'll be tying the knot. #toocute

Abramo has worked on all kinds of film and video productions from web series to feature films, bringing a problem-solving focus like no other to Pickford Media productions, and he is rarely seen without a coffee in his hand and a smile on his face.

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