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At Pickford Media, we’re video strategists.

Think of your video strategy as a combination of content creation, content marketing and social media management, all worked into your business systems (like advertising, client and staff on-boarding, internal comms, client nurturing, etc) with a strong focus on video content because it’s immersive and impactful (and the algorithms LOVE it!)

Video strategy =
video strategy pickford media

YES – I need the whole lot!

Let’s work together on using video in your business.

video production pickford media

I need an incredible video!

The back end is sorted, let’s hook you up with an ace video production.

rise documentary pickford media

I heard you made a doco..?

We sure did! Our documentary RISE is all about the tenacity of regional business women. Find it here.

So, video huh?

Video is an incredibly powerful tool. 

When we started in 2015, businesses were beginning to realise just how powerful video could be in reaching unheard of audiences on Facebook, or converting leads in webinar sales funnels. In an early iteration of our website, we referred to 2015 as ‘The Year of the Webinar’.

Then 360 video and drones went from relative obscurity to the norm. Facebook and Youtube incorporated 360 view on their platforms and VR glasses became a thing!

Snapchat trialled their Spectacles, remember that? Suddenly businesses, brands and big names were able to connect with their audience and potential clients on a whole new level.

Actually, do you even remember Snapchat? Before Instagram stole back the market share with Stories? It wasn’t that long ago, and now we’re seeing another market shift with IGTV.

What about Vine?! In 2015 we had a whole series of six second video tips for businesses complete with crazy jump cuts to ensure the videos stayed under the restrictions.

Throughout all these changes, we’ve stayed on top of trends and worked out new ways businesses could capitalise on the algorithm changes to reach their tribes, engage with their audience and convert leads.

Back when we started, we were just a production company. 

It didn’t take long (okay, maybe like 100 meetings) for us to realise that there was a gaping hole in the market: people don’t know what to do with their beautiful video once it’s made.

We learned that used the right way, video marketing can help you grow your brand awareness and build traction, give you an expert status in your field and connect with your audience in a real and personal way.

Used the wrong way it can cost a LOT of money with very little return on investment. 

Percent Repeat Clients
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pickford Media for the past 6 months and wish I’d found them sooner! Besides their professionalism and obvious skills in creating beautiful media which so perfectly capture my business and what we’re all about, they have this way of just ‘getting it.’ With little direction, they always deliver the most creative and clever work which delivers our message and reflects who we are so well. It’s been a dream to work with people who get me and get my business, and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

    Jess Jones

    Founder, Soar Collective

  • I recently filmed a cooking segment with Pickford Media for my home wares business, where I combine my products with an extensive food blog. I was extremely nervous, never being behind a camera before and definitely felt a little awkward at times. I was so impressed at how relaxed Zoe and Abramo from Pickford Media made me feel in such a short amount of time. I actually really ended up enjoying myself! When I received the footage I was blown away at the amazing quality of both the image and sound. I honestly can’t wait to film some more with them in the future.

    Kelly Lowdon

    Founder, My Beach Kitchen

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Zoe at SoarCon16. Zoe and her Production Manager Abramo, were responsible for filming the conference. As I was MC for the day, I was impressed by their attention to detail, their amazing equipment and professionalism.

    It wasn’t until after I saw the footage from the event that I came to realise what a gem Zoe is. Zoe produced and edited a highlights reel of my MC duties and it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I was amazed by how Zoe and Abramo were able to capture the moment of the day perfectly.

    Not only is Zoe a true professional, she is a genuinely warm individual, someone who is easy to click with and someone who continues to amaze me on a daily basis. I feel honoured to have met Zoe and I look forward to working with her again. Pickford Media will be the first and only choice for any video services I require for my digital marketing agency and client base.

    Julia Makin

    Executive Director and Founder Vent2Me and Digital-Marketing-Courses.Com

  • We’ve believed in video for a long time, but unfortunately it’s all about the execution and we haven’t had the right team working for us. We are so happy that we’ve found Pickford Media, because they are a pleasure to work with, they’ve given us great content and most importantly, they’ve given us the outcome we needed for success.

    Finn Kelly

    Co-Founder, Wealth Enhancers

    What we do is a little bit different to most production companies or marketing agencies.

    We combine the best bits of both, and cut out the expensive filler to bring down the cost for (let’s face it!) cash-flow-restricted smaller businesses.

    We won’t spend weeks researching your demographic like some agencies, but we will A/B test in real time – as we pointed out above, video has come a LONG way. We have access to almost instantaneous analytics!

    We will analyse what your business is doing online in the digital space and search for gaps and opportunities to use video content as a lead generator, customer engagement tool and brand awareness builder.

    We’ll assess what you have been doing (whether or not you’ve been using video content already, that’s okay!) and create a video content strategy game plan for your business. We literally have a document that has a road map on it!

    We help you use the marketing tools, technology and video content you may already have, and help you create and market new content to help your business grow.

    • Pickford Media is a power team that are just amazing to work with. They not only have the eye to put you in the right light but more importantly make you feel comfortable. Their professionalism is exceptional as are the results. Wouldn’t work with anyone else for video creation.

      Pamela Doerf

      Managing Director, KAIZ Consulting

    • I love working with Pickford Media. It’s so fun seeing both Zoe and Abramo’s faces every time they come in. They’re like my friends, not people we’re hiring. They’re like one of us. I love working with Pickford, they’re so amazing.

      April Conde

      Gladiator, Wealth Enhancers

    • Pickford Media are an absolute pleasure to work with. Super nice, really easy to get along with, they don’t make you feel awkward or nervous which is kind of a thing when you’re on video, that you feel awkward and nervous, but they’re really great and I highly recommend them. But don’t use them too much because then they won’t be available for me!

      Michelle Green

      Owner, The Business of Baking

      • I love working with Pickford Media. They make it so comfortable and are so friendly and we end up smashing out amazing content. They’re also super creative and help us come up with some amazing stuff.

        Sarah Riegelhuth

        CEO, Grow My Team

      • I love working with Pickford Media, they are so fun and they are really, really driven in everything that they do. It’s been such a joy to work with them and I would totally encourage anyone else thinking of doing video production work to get on board.

        Bridget Wood

        Founder, Suburban Sandcastles

      • I was very, very nervous about getting in front of the camera, I hadn’t done it much before, but Zoe and Abramo have just made it so easy and actually a lot of fun. They’re more than just a film crew, but they actually really improved out overall production into something amazing.

        Rebecca Pritchard

        Financial Advisor