This week, Pickford Media founder Zoe Winther talks about smarter ways to measure video engagement, because there is more out there than the same old likes, shares and subscribers!

Active engagement is imperative for using video as a strategy in business.

As much as we love those huge follower and subscriber numbers, they don’t necessarily mean conversions. And you can be making BANK with only a few views if you have a thriving, engaged audience.


When someone says ‘video engagement’ you probably think about the number of likes, shares, and subscriptions to your Youtube channel.

But today we’re going to share three WAY smarter ways to measure video engagement.

Because really, likes and shares are actually you engaging with the platform your video is hosted on.

You’re engaging with Facebook by liking and sharing, you’re engaging with Youtube by clicking the ‘subscribe’ button.

You’re spending time on their website, and watching (however passively) the ads on their platform,  when you really want to drive people to YOUR website.

But there are three things that are much smarter ways to measure  ACTIVE engagements:

  • email signups,

  • micro conversions in the form of a download, and

  • browsing your website extensively.

The first two kind of go hand in hand, and the way that we use video as a strategy for generating leads is by mentioning a download within a video that an email address is given in exchange for the download.

So, for email signups you might have that Leadpages URL or another platform like Leadpages, and have a goal of how many people you want to reach that page. Not necessarily even sign up, but get to that page.

Like this:

how to use video smarter for engagement

Along with that one is the actual downloads. You want another goal of how many you want to download your product: the worksheet, PDF, video, etc.

Thirdly, which is really important, is how long someone stays on your website.

When we first put a video onto our Pickford Media homepage, our time spent on site increased 400%, from about 2 minutes to 8 minutes and with only one 2.5 minute video.

So people were way more engaged and they wanted to know more.

For this metric, set a goal of the number of pages and how many minutes someone spends on your website per session.

Those are three kinds of engagement that we focus on.

The likes and shares are really important for boosting your content within Youtube or within Facebook because they help it reach more people.

But in terms of your business engagement, those are the three things you should be tracking: signups, downloads and time spent on your page.

They correlate with acquisition, behaviour and conversions, which are essential metrics, and much smarter ways to measure video engagement!

Click me to download the cheatsheet!

Video Engagement Cheatsheet



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