Today Pickford Media founder Zoe is going IN on how to get started with Youtube for your business.

Here are her four easy ways to get started with Youtube, your own channel and with video content for your business right. Now. 


The first one is simply repurposing your live content.

Hopefully you’ve had a go at Facebook Live, Instagram Live, a webinar platform or another platform for live video.

Don’t waste that hard work! The next step is repurposing that material.

You’ve already done the hard yards for this one. You’ve put in the work and you’ve recorded live video.

Now, you can repurpose that (let’s use Facebook Live as an example) on another platform because, although it feels like it!, not everyone uses Facebook.

Combined with the Facebook algorithms, not everyone is going to see all of your content on Facebook.

Plus, other platforms like Periscope and Meerkat are only becoming less and less popular (even dying!) now that Facebook Live has gained traction.

You must be taking that work and putting it on the video content platform that still reigns supreme: Youtube.

Google owns Youtube, so putting your video onto Youtube can be really helpful with your SEO.

Google favours Youtube in search results, so if you have a video on a topic, it’s more likely to appear when someone Googles your area of expertise.

Once you’ve got your video: upload it to Youtube.

Make sure you include a captivating thumbnail that makes people want to click. You’ll also need a well thought out title, keyword tags, and a descriptive description. These small but beneficial things get your video out to as wide of an audience as possible.

Another really simple idea for how to get started with Youtube is to do a questions and answers series.

It’s a really easy way to do a series of videos and to get people excited about seeing a number of videos from you.

It also validates the kind of content you’re making.

You know people want to know the answers. You’ve seen the questions on your Facebook page, in emails or from conversations with potential customers.

Whenever you come across a valuable question, note it down in a spreadsheet and have these at the ready. A good way to do film this series is to batch your videos on one day. Get a number of questions, make a number of videos and you have a couple of weeks’ worth of content ready to go.

If you’re not quite ready to get in front of the camera, do a tutorial.

You can easily do a screen capture video using a number of apps and programs such as Quicktime Player.

The really good thing about creating tutorials is that it builds your authority as the expert in your area. People will naturally associate you as they go-to person when they have a question. Ultimately, this will translate when they need to make a purchase or use your service.

how to Get Started With Youtube For Your Business pickford media zoe winther

And finally, another idea (where most of the work is already done for you!) is to go onto your website analytics and find a blog post that is really popular with your audience and make a video post about that.

You can simply rehash what you’ve already done, make updates, or explain more deeply what the blog post is about. Next, embed the video into the blog post which in turn will help with your SEO. Best of all, the content’s basically written for you and you just have to press record.

So, those were four pretty simple ideas for how get started with video in your business and how to get started with Youtube, so what are you waiting for?

If you want even more ideas, we actually have 52 Video Ideas for your business, tailored just for you available right here.

52 video ideas for your business pickford media



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