Let’s get straight into it and debunk some video content myths. 

Pickford Media founder Zoe Winther goes in on debunking some common myths around creating video content. Watch the video below, or keep on reading to get to the video content myth debunking!



Video myth number one: video has to take a lot of time. 

Now, that’s just not true. 

If you are just starting out with video, it really can be as easy as sitting down, taking out your phone and hitting record.

You don’t have to go to the time, the expense and the trouble of setting up cameras and lights and microphones. Of course, you can do that and it will take longer, but it doesn’t have to take as long as you think it does. 

One really important thing to do when you are about to film a video is to prepare.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

It’s when you don’t know what you’re saying, you don’t have a rough script, you don’t know where you’re going to film… 

That’s when you run into trouble and when it can start to take a lot of time.

If you have to do 15 takes because you don’t know what sentence you’re saying, then, yup, your video might take a while.

But if you have a script, if you know your content inside and out, creating any kind of content can be really, really simple. 

You really can simply hit record, say what you have to say and upload your video straight away.

You don’t even have to go through editing if you don’t want to. Maybe you’re a one take wonder and you don’t have to!

And if you do, you can even edit on your phone. It can be super simple, with heaps of software and app options available and it can be as easy and as not time-consuming as you like!

Video myth number two: I have to be camera-ready. 

Well, look. I do like to be camera-ready.

But the thing is, I get camera-ready, I do my makeup and my hair once every couple of weeks or months, and the way I do this is by batch filming. 

So I set aside a day and film as many videos as I can during that day. I just do my makeup once, and that’s it!

I don’t have to put on my makeup everyday and getting in front of the camera to create those spontaneous uploads. 

You can be really consistent with video content by doing a lot of filming in one day, spreading it out and drip feeding it to your audience. 

Another little tip for you is to take advantage of getting ready for the camera!

Do your filming and then go out that night! Why not? Plan your filming for a day when you were going to put on makeup anyway, but spend the day in front of the camera beforehand. It’s a really easy way to do it. 

Video myth number three: the idea that you have to be on camera. 

You really don’t. 

There are so many options with screen captures, animations, and various POV (Point Of View) videos.

You don’t have to be on camera if you’re not ready or you don’t want to. 

Instead, you might put together slides for a webinar on your topic and have your audio over the top of that. 

Or maybe you’ve seen a bunch of cooking videos that’s have a bird’s eye view. It might be someone’s hands in there and the food – absolutely no faces to be seen!

You really don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to be, and actually having that limitation of not appearing on camera can get your creative juices flowing!

I saw another video recently that was a whole lot of stop-motion post-it notes and it was really cool, quite simple to execute and no one on camera. 

Video myth number four: video has to be really expensive. 

That’s completely not true. 

You have a world class video camera in your pocket every single day. Think about how far technology has come with phones in just the last five years. 

It’s unbelievable how you can produce a video just with your phone and at such high quality. 

As you feel ready to, you also can upgrade here and there really cheaply. 

You don’t have to straightaway invest in a really expensive camera and all the things that go with it.

You can make simple upgrades like a microphone that plugs straight into your phone, a little light or a tripod stand, things that really help up your production values and without a high cost. 

There are our four video content myths. 

Video doesn’t have to be scary, and there doesn’t have to be a high barrier to entry.

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