Film Set Ready Basics

an e-Course for film students and those wanting to break into the industry

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So you've been to film school, now what?!

Uni was fun and you feel vaguely capable in a number of areas, but all your classes were inside.

You're looking for on-set experience but don't want to look like a complete novice... What the heck is a C37 anyway?

Get Ready, Get Set: Film Set Ready Basics

We'll be covering:

What you need to be like on set, our experiences on a range of TV and film sets, what the crew around you are expecting from you, what crews are looking for in applications, and general "settiquette".

How to network with film people, how much free work is too much, and the well known fact that what you put in is what you get out.

Film Slang:
What the difference between 10-1 and 10-2 is, how to be in the know about things happening around you, etiquette for runners.

How To Get Work:
How to get referrals, ongoing work, new work, and what to do when you get sick of working for exposure.

Things To Consider Before Entering The Industry:
How to balance a social life with work, the pros and cons of the industry.

What you need to put in to succeed in the industry, whether this industry is the one for you, finding the role you want to get into, hanging on through the tough times.

Film School:
Should you even go to film school, can you start in the industry without a degree, what skills you should get instead or on top of your degree.

Should you invest in expensive equipment, the best equipment for different price points, the absolutely essential kit to always have on you.

We'll be covering all of that - and more!

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