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Zoe is feminist who loves women in business, Lady Gaga, nerding out about video stats and telling everyone how she went vegan three days ago.

Abramo is an accomplished film and TV sound recordist who loves jazz, four-wheel driving and The Life Aquatic.


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We love watching stories, reading stories, listening to stories, filming stories, recording stories and making stories. 

We’ve all got stories: every human, business, corporation and group. 

We want to hear your story for ourselves (we’re a little bit self indulgent that way..!), but most importantly we want you to get your story told, in the best way possible, to the best audience for you. 

Zoe Winther, CEO & Founder

Zoe Winther, CEO & Founder

Pickford Media was founded by Zoe in 2015 after being inspired by her work with the League of Extraordinary Women. 

Being surrounded by entrepreneurial women at the League every day, it was only a matter of time before her casual freelance video production work was to become her full time production company. Starting at the bottom as a slate-clapper on community television while completing her Bachelor of Communications, Zoe has credits as director of photography, script supervisor, production designer and unit manager, and she has now progressed to director and producer of a TV series. Zoe has also produced and hosted radio and edited an online magazine, and brings this wealth of industry knowledge to even the smallest piece of content for businesses.

Abramo Peghini, Production Manager

Abramo Peghini, Production Manager

Abramo Peghini is your go-to guy for video production. From pre-production to post-production, he'll guide your video project to get the very best results and answer any of your weird and wonderful technical and not-so-technical questions along the way. (We’ve all wondered what to do with our hands, it’s normal!) Abramo has a background in audio production, studio recording and live music. After moving to Melbourne in 2013 to expand his work in film and TV, Abramo met Zoe and quickly became her go-to sound tech. In 2016 they made it official as business partners. Abramo has worked on all kinds of film and video productions from web series to feature films, bringing a problem-solving focus like no other to Pickford Media productions, and he is rarely seen without a coffee in his hand and a smile on his face.

We’re here to help


A successful video marketing campaign begins with a well thought out video strategy. A video content plan can help consolidate ideas, and give you a game plan on getting those ideas into action. We’ll assess where you currently are in the market, and work out ways to get where you want to be, covering aspects like your business goals, values, demographics, and measurable metrics. 


Our video production service is completely comprehensive, from planning to filming and sound recording, to post-production including video editing, colour correction, sound editing and music production. We’ve worked on all kinds of video projects from event coverage, tv commercials and documentaries, to community television and social media content. We offer broadcast-ready TVCs, advertorials, web content, social media and YouTube marketing and management, corporate videos, training videos, TV pilots – if you can dream it, we can film it. 

Similarly, our podcast service includes podcast preproduction and planning, podcast recording, post-production and audio editing, podcast distribution and podcast analytics to create your professional podcast depending on your needs. 

For our podcasts and audiobooks, we come to you with our broadcast quality microphones for a superior audio product in the comfort of your own home or office. 


If you’re all over video content and know the benefits of video in your marketing strategy, you might have already filmed some content. The filming went great! 

But the video editing… 

You don’t have time, you hate the video editing process, or maybe you enjoyed the video editing process but simply do not have time to learn the ins and outs (and after eight hours working on it, your attempt at editing didn’t even come out that great…)! We also offer a stand-alone video editing service to let you focus on spending time creating valuable content, and not stressing about jump cuts and graphics. 


It’s after all the planning and strategising, producing and video editing that the magic of successful video content really happens, and it is also the part of the journey that most entrepreneurs get wrong. 

You need to know what video metrics you need to track, how, when and where to upload you video, and how to make sure you’re utilising all the best video SEO practices you can. What we absolutely don’t want is you spending thousands of dollars on video content that barely anyone sees or engages with, when that video could be a great way for you to find clients, provide value and build your brand.


It’s our skills in both the technical and the creative that really sets us apart.

Through trial and error over the last three years, we’ve found a unique blend of using video that is perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s all of the production side, plus optimising your social media, website, blog, Youtube channel and email automations to create streamlined sales, client nurturing and lead generation funnels.

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