About Us

Welcome to our gang of loveable weirdos w
ith the dual powers of storytelling and nerding out about algorithms.

See, stories mean a lot to us.

We love watching stories, reading stories, listening to stories, filming stories, recording stories and making stories. 

We’ve all got stories: every human, business, corporation and group. 

We want to hear your story for ourselves (we’re a little bit self indulgent that way..!), but most importantly we want you to get your story told, in the best way possible, to the best audience for you. 

So whatever that looks like for you right now, we’d love to help.

Our Core Values:

Connection through storytelling

A story is the shortest distance between two people, and if we don’t ultimately foster connection through what we’re doing, what’s the point?

Wealthy women will heal the world

We work with aligned people who we know will make a difference in the world. We focus on profit, wealth creation and high impact with our work and the work of our clients. We strive to educate ourselves and others on financial literacy and work for the economic empowerment of all women.

We are allowed to take up space

The core of what we do is helping others (and ourselves) find our stories, own our stories and tell our stories, and in doing so learning the ways of self and taking up space in a world that typically tells us not to. We love ourselves, we value ourselves and we’re constantly working on taking up space ourselves in more fully expressed ways.

Compassion for others, and ourselves.

We’re not afraid to make mistakes and love ourselves even when we fall down. We’re never too good for second (or third, or fortieth) chances, helping to lift others, or sharing our knowledge. We know life and work isn’t about competition, but collaboration, and we know that kindness and empathy will always win.


Who we work with, the work we do, and all things. We’re committed to the journey of showing up with love and injecting it into the world around us.

Creativity + Curiosity

Our point of difference is our growth hacker bent. We’re not just marketers, content creators, or storytellers. We realise the shelf life of marketing techniques and we know the only way to survive is by discovering and testing new ideas before old ones die.

Our curiosity keeps us up at night asking: What if? Our unique and personal creativity brings magic into even the most menial task. Importantly, because we are aware of constant changes, we set goals and success metrics, measure progress, and continually re-evaluate.

We've been lucky enough to work with some amazing people and brands we adore, like:

wealth enhancers pickford media
business of baking pickford media
the gab pickford media
one_roof pickford media
my beach kitchen pickford media
league of extraordinary women pickford media
soar collective pickford media
nimis pickford media
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qi collection pickford media

We're proud to have been nominated in:

  • Women in Financial Services 2018 – Marketing Professional of the Year
  • Financial Standard MAX 2018 Awards – Video Campaign of the Year
  • Financial Standard MAX 2018 Awards – Financial Literacy Campaign of the Year
  • 2018 International Women’s Day SmartCompany Showcase

In 2017 we created RISE: The Documentary

Two women embark on a journey to learn from female entrepreneurs working in regional Australia who rise to the challenges of everyday life.


RISE shows that while the lack of resources and recognition that comes with living outside a capital city is challenging, the intelligence, strength and grit that comes with being a woman in business can overcome anything – even slow internet!