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So you have made your video and uploaded it YouTube, a blog post or your homepage, and maybe Facebook if you have really taken time and thought about it or have a dedicated social media staff member.

You've probably spent major bucks on your video content, or at the very least a fair chunk of time and energy, so you want to get the most out of your video and track its performance - that's where we can help.

Video Distribution Platforms and Video SEO Best Practices

We offer both ongoing subscription plans and one-offs for our video distribution and video analytics, covering everything from various video distribution platforms best suited for your video content (there is a lot more than just YouTube and Vimeo!) (although proactive YouTube channel management and optimised uploads to both of these video platforms can be crucial to video success), uploading video to social media accounts and promoting more than just on your company page, correct video uploading making use of video tagging, keywords, custom video thumbnails, metadata, video transcripts and more, and tonnes of video analytics so you can really track your video content's performance: everything from the number of views to engagement metrics and viewer behaviour.

Video Content Marketing Plans and Strategy

Pickford Media also help those who need it with creating a video content marketing plan and video strategy, which can help the video content creation and tracking process astronomically. We cover your business vision, values and mission, target demographics, content goals, content strategies, video metrics, competitor analysis and your video production guidelines and logistics.

Video Analysis Subscription Plans

Your video distribution and analytics subscription plan is tailored to you and your business needs and goals, but will generally consist of regular meetings to explain your ongoing video analytics reports, uploading and distributing your video content, and prescriptions and strategies for your video content going forward to improve and get the best returns on your investments.

What our video plans include:

Correct video uploading for search engine optimisation

Video distribution for maximum exposure

Regular video analytics reports

Regular meetings to discuss past video analytics
and improvements for future video content

Video content marketing plan and video strategy if applicable

Subscriber freebies, like our Video Content Creation Calendar

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