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Not sure about the whole video thing and worried about the cost?

Share the cost (and the fun of diving into video!) with some of your Business Besties with our mastermind package.

In this package not only do you get a great flagship video (and a heap of shorter social media content), we also teach you everything you need to know about how to get the best video for your business and how to produce your own content with your friends at our mastermind workshop.

As with all of the content we produce here at Pickford Media, we will look after the SEO and distribution of your content so you can get maximum return on investment.

We absolutely love videos at Pickford Media, but maybe you're a bit worried about getting a video made because you've heard it can be really expensive or it can be a really difficult process.

How do you know that you're going to get the exact video that you want?

Well, we're here to try and get rid of all of those fears!

Through partnership with our various contractors and rental suppliers we're now able to offer an affordable and high quality video subscription package to our very special mastermind clients. This subscription package has been formulated especially for mastermind groups - we're offering the same low cost of our annual subscription package broken down to a three month period and shared with your business besties.

There's an undoubtedly increasing need for businesses to utilise social media platforms and their websites with video content, and we're making it easier to take the plunge as part of a mastermind group.

Our package gives you one video per mastermind member up to five minutes in length, and five short social media teaser videos (~30 seconds) each over a three month period. All content is recorded with our mid-level camera package which is perfect for web content, AND you can save even more with every additional member to your mastermind group.

Unlike in our regular subscription packages, our mastermind subscriptions include a full day of mastermind planning, including working out which part of the buyer's journey you want to target, creating a video vision board, getting into the nitty-gritty of video production, and (of course!) a beautiful lunch for you to share with your biz mastermind members.

We're happy to help you sketch out your ideas to help you fit your videos in with your social media market strategies, and we'll be available to answer any of your video production questions. You'll also have access to our subscriber freebies, including our three-part video content calendar to keep you on track with your video efforts, and our ebook 'Do-It-Yourself Video Marketing for Small Business.'

Whether it is advertorial, corporate video or short story pieces, our mastermind subscription can deliver quality content and help you expand your presence in the digital space.

We look forward to hearing from you at

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