Creating the Right Video Content

creating the right video content

Let’s talk about creating the right video content.

Almost everyone getting into video stumbles at this part of video creation: we’re on board with using video in our business, but… now what?!

How do we make the right video content?

You obviously want to be making videos that people actually WANT to watch and to do that you need to know your audience and you need to know which platform your audience is going to be viewing your videos on.

different platforms your audience can view your video content on

Youtube viewers, as an example, are generally looking either to solve a problem and/or learn something, or basically waste time entertaining themselves. So for Youtube views, you want to be making one of those two kinds of content. (Even better if you can combine them!)

For Youtube, some really good types of videos are how-to videos and tutorials.

So you might want to think about ideas your business could lend itself to, like how to make a certain type of cake or a tutorial on a makeup look.

Review videos are great for Youtube, too.

Something timely and relevant like an iPhone 7 review or an iPhone 7 unboxing would be really good video content for Youtube.

Then on the other end of the spectrum, we have the funny, entertaining videos. We’ve all heard about how cats basically rule Youtube!

The reality is almost any industry can translate to video, you might just have to think outside the box.

any industry can translate to the right video content you just have to think outside the box

Running a business involves an in-depth knowledge of your field and your craft, so you’re in a perfect position to be an authority on a topic, and in a perfect space to share that with the world.

If you’re ready to take on video but need some solid (and research backed!) ideas, check out our 52 Video Ideas here!

52 Video Ideas for your business

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Zoe Winther

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