An epic fail that made me feel like an epic failure.

epic failure pickford media

Today’s blog is brought to you by: Epic Failure.

epic failure

Last week I had the golden idea of interviewing Julia Taine, one of my fave business ladies, over Skype.

I stuffed it up:

Sometimes you try your best but you don’t succeed.

Even though you can’t hear her, I decided to post the video anyway (because Jules is such a babe, and the world needed to see that – even it’s through a 240p Skype recording)

Sometimes you mess up hardcore.

Waste your time.

Waste other people’s time.

Feel like an imposter.

An epic failure.

But I think part of the reason it’s so hard to deal with sometimes, is because we’re used to seeing people’s highlight reels on social media.

So here’s an ugly, should-have-left-it-on-the-cutting-room-floor, behind the scenes shot.

Just keep trying.


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Zoe Winther

Zoe Winther founded Pickford Media after being inspired by her work with The League of Extraordinary Women, the Society for Women in Information Technology, the RMIT Womyn's Room, and Business Chicks. Being surrounded by entrepreneurial women at the League every day, it was only a matter of time before her casual freelance work was to turn to her full time business. Zoe is an RMIT University graduate with a bachelor of communications, and has expanded her study into IT. Zoe has crewed on a number of television shows and film sets, with credits operating the camera, directing, script supervising, art direction and production design, craft services, unit managing and clapping the slate. She has also produced and hosted radio programs on SYN and RRR. Zoe is addicted to podcasts and has a constant backlog of webinars about to expire she endeavours to watch.

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