What kinds of videos should I make for my business?

what kinds of videos should I make for my business

Today, Pickford Media founder Zoe Winther talks about different trends in video and answer the question: what kinds of videos should I make for my business?

Before we even consider making a video, we first need to ask ourselves a few questions:

First, we want to think about where the video is actually going.

There are a number of different platforms to post video and for all of those platforms different videos are going to be more suitable.

Something that you put on your Youtube channel is going to be different to what you put on Facebook, Instagram or even your website.

The next thing to consider is where in the buyer’s journey the video will be.

Consumers are more than halfway through the buyer’s journey before they even view your advertising, so the video that you’re placing earlier in the buyer’s journey is going to be shorter than one that’s further along when the consumer is actively looking at who you are and what you do.

There are quite a few common videos that we make for our clients, a popular one being the homepage opener video.

These videos are the first thing that their potential customers will see. They’re often short and snappy, but they’re also really story-driven.

Homepage videos are the first thing your potential customers will see. They're short, snappy and story-driven. Click To Tweet

We also make videos for deeper within the client’s website.

That’s when the consumer is actively looking to find out more about the company and the products or services they provide. These are the meet the team videos or explainers about what they do and why they do it.

Another trend we’ve been seeing a lot of in video is branded content.

You can think of this as like a short film which lends itself really well to Facebook and Youtube advertising.

An example of this recently is the above dog food ad. It’s dog food branded content. A really cute little video, where the dog food really only gets a mention right in the last ten seconds. It’s almost like a little movie about the puppy’s life and it is ‘sponsored’ by the dog food brand.

Another popular way to use video is to tailor it to your social media channels – a short video for Instagram for example.

You can cut this out of longer-form videos to make teaser videos, or another popular idea is creating behind-the-scenes videos.

Behind-the-scenes videos are really, really good for Instagram Stories and Snapchat if that’s where your audience is.

Another big trend at the moment of course is Facebook Live and other forms of live streaming.

These kinds of videos are perfect for product launches and events where you can really capture that raw, behind-the-scenes feeling. You can use software to set them up with a number of cameras, put graphics on the screen, etc.

But what’s really powerful is that raw, lo-fi kind of feeling that is behind the scenes. It gives your potential consumers a look at who you are and what you do in a really personal way.

BTS videos give your potential consumers a look at what you do in a really personal way. Click To Tweet

So, those are a few popular kinds of videos at the moment. Many more trends are emerging with VR and 360 becoming more commonplace, but those are some really solid videos to help you get a start with your video strategy.

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Zoe Winther

Zoe Winther founded Pickford Media after being inspired by her work with The League of Extraordinary Women, the Society for Women in Information Technology, the RMIT Womyn's Room, and Business Chicks. Being surrounded by entrepreneurial women at the League every day, it was only a matter of time before her casual freelance work was to turn to her full time business. Zoe is an RMIT University graduate with a bachelor of communications, and has expanded her study into IT. Zoe has crewed on a number of television shows and film sets, with credits operating the camera, directing, script supervising, art direction and production design, craft services, unit managing and clapping the slate. She has also produced and hosted radio programs on SYN and RRR. Zoe is addicted to podcasts and has a constant backlog of webinars about to expire she endeavours to watch.

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