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soarcon highlights by pickford media for soar collective

Last year we were so, so lucky to attend and film SoarCon16. Hosted by award-winning regional businesswomen’s community Soar Collective, this annual conference for action-oriented businesswomen is a practical day of learning and doing, not just another day of success stories.

SoarCon16 Highlights for Soar Collective, Video by Pickford Media

You can stay up-to-date with all of the Soar Collective’s events on their Facebook page here.

I sincerely hope we captured the spirit of the day in our SoarCon highlights video for Soar Collective.


“Because heart share is the new marketing share. I want hearts. What do you need to do to get noticed? You need to win hearts, too. - Jane Copeland, Coping With Jane Click To Tweet

jane copeland soar collective quote

Underneath it's impossible, I want you to write the words: I can do it. - Sabina Lawrence Click To Tweet

sabina lawrence soar collective quote

Be human. Which seems simple, because we are humans, but often gets lost. - Melissa Morris, Thankyou Click To Tweet

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Welcome to SoarCon, event by Soar Collective. Highlights video by Pickford Media.


“Regardless of which marketing activity you do spend your time on, you must know your people.Be very clear on who your audience is, where they spend their time and who they spend it with. - Jess Jones Click To Tweet

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“If these were any other colour, you wouldn’t notice them, yes?Stand out. Personality is better than marketing. - Roby Ryan, Click To Tweet

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The reason why the brand became a brand is because people ... loved and championed what I had to say. - Nahji Chu Click To Tweet

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