3 Smarter Ways To Measure Video Engagement

smarter ways to measure video engagement thumbnail

 This week, Pickford Media founder Zoe Winther talks about smarter ways to measure video engagement, because there is more out there than the same old likes, shares and subscribers! Active engagement is imperative for using video as a strategy in… Continue Reading

4 Easy Ways How To Get Started With Youtube For Your Business

4 easy ways to get started with video

Today I’m going to give you four really easy ways how to get started with Youtube, your own channel and with video content for your business right now. Today! The first one is simply repurposing your live content. Hopefully you’ve… Continue Reading

What kinds of videos should I make for my business?

what kinds of videos should I make for my business

Today, Pickford Media founder Zoe Winther talks about different trends in video and answer the question: what kinds of videos should I make for my business? Before we even consider making a video, we first need to ask ourselves a… Continue Reading

Using Video Effectively in Small Business

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Today we’re talking about using video effectively in small business; all the different ways of using video effectively and as engagingly as possible, and with the highest return on investment. At Pickford Media we love video, but it can be really confusing… Continue Reading

Video Marketing Industry Update! | Pickford Media

Matcha Maiden Instagram in our Video Marketing Industry Update

  So, interesting news out of Facebook in our first Video Marketing Industry Update of the year! Facebook has started ported their Instagram Stories across into Facebook. It’s a native feature that they’re trialling at the moment, and it definitely… Continue Reading

How Important is Video to your Marketing Strategy?

how important is video to your marketing strategy?

How important is video really to a marketing strategy? 1 hour + 55 minutes That’s the daily average time that users spend watching digital video, as opposed to 1 hour and 44 minutes on social networks. According to an eMarketer report,… Continue Reading