The Importance of a Video Content Calendar

the importance of video content calendar

A video content calendar is a vital step for adding video content to your marketing and content strategy.

We get it, video takes a lot of work and can be a huge headache when you have a hundred other things on your plate. A lot of businesses skip this extraordinary marketing tool just for this reason – and regret it.

What we’ve found is that the biggest challenge with online video is just getting started. For many entrepreneurs, even those with no problem publishing tonnes of content, creating videos can be challenging and discouraging.

And even once you get that first, exciting, huge video finished, you’ve really only just begun. You need a system.

You need a plan.

video content calendar part one

A video editorial calendar makes the video process way easier with a strategic schedule to keep you on track.

It’s so important to plan your content. You know that.

When you see that Valentine’s Day is a week away (and it is – how the $%& did that happen?!), you might be able to push yourself and crank out a blog post quickly, but you might not have the time to produce more captivating and irresistible content, like a well-planned, entertaining, educating, inspiring video.

A video content calendar allows you to divide your content into manageable parts and plan them all out in advance.

A content calendar can also help with creating video that supports your overall business objectives. Instead of simply churning out a video after a seemingly inspired idea from a colleague or employee, you can really incorporate video into a successful, ongoing video marketing strategy.

Sometimes video can feel like the latest trend you have to “do”, alongside podcasts, infographics, cinemagraphs. . .  the list goes on. But well crafted videos that work as a means to an end can really help your business achieve specific business goals.

What are you trying to achieve? Visibility, exposure, credibility, expert status? Improvement of search engine rankings? Lead generation, higher conversions, sales? Your goals will help determine the direction of your video content.

Think of all your current regular marketing activities: email marketing, blogging, social media, etc. Video can help enhance and improve those marketing tools. Your blog posts could benefit from a video version, your e-mag could profit from having video content inside, embedding video into your email marketing efforts could improve your open and click through rates.

Once you’ve set your business objectives and determined how to include video content into your marketing strategy, you can start getting specific and scheduling everything into an editorial calendar.

A great example of this a product launch. You’ll need to work back a month or two and start working out which videos will work best to promote the launch. You’ll have a full length video of a few minutes, some teasers coming out in the weeks and days prior of different lengths and content for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your website, your EDMs, and other platforms. Maybe you’ll Periscope or Snapchat the event live. You’ll need to work out how this all ties in with your other marketing material.

After the launch, you might include a video on your sales or other landing page.

For all of these videos you’ll need to decide of content, format and the call to action. You’ll need to contact the talent, create a script, schedule dates, book a location, and work out when and where you’ll be sharing the finished product.

That’s why we’ve put together a video content calendar just for you.

You can use it to know what content is being created, what message is being said, when and where the talent is being filmed, the progress of videos in production, how the videos align with the buyer’s journey, how your videos support and amplify your marketing campaign… the list of things to consider continues, and we’ve got you covered.

It’s so much less stressful when you have a plan.

Spend some time creating a video content calendar with one, or all, of your initiatives, specials, products and promotions throughout the year, and you’ll be (relatively!) stress free months ahead of time just by following your calendar.

Download part one of three of our free video content calendar now!

Part one includes our annual overview and brainstorming guide PLUS an annual overview spreadsheet template to insert everything so you get a clear picture of the year ahead.

Part two: you business goals and objectives worksheet and the month by month calendar spreadsheet

Part three: the absolutely exhaustive to do list spreadsheet. Everything from talent to cameras to locations to hair and makeup. You NEED this one.

video content calendar part one


Need more help? Want to really get stuck in and leave nothing up to change? Ready to accelerate your video marketing?

Download our SUPERSTAR Video Content Calendar. This bumper edition includes all three parts of our video content calendar, PLUS a step-by-step video tutorial to guide you through each process, worksheets to keep you on track with planning, AND the actual templates we use for talent and location release forms, our budgeting spreadsheet, filming breakdown sheet, call sheet and location scouting sheet.

You get:

  • video tutorials explaining how to get the most from your video content calendar and make your calendar work for you.
  • video tutorials demonstrating different types of videos and how and when to use them
  • worksheets to help you plan and schedule to get the most of the calendar and make your life as stress free as possible
  • our very own templates for contacting talent, release forms, budgeting spreadsheet, filming breakdown sheet, call sheet and location scouting sheet
  • BONUS: video studio checklist to turn your home or office into your very own low-cost studio
  • PLUS direct contact with a dedicated Production Manager for ANY of your questions with a 24 hour get-back-to-you guarantee for 30 days.

Zoe Winther

Zoe Winther founded Pickford Media after being inspired by her work with The League of Extraordinary Women, the Society for Women in Information Technology, the RMIT Womyn's Room, and Business Chicks. Being surrounded by entrepreneurial women at the League every day, it was only a matter of time before her casual freelance work was to turn to her full time business. Zoe is an RMIT University graduate with a bachelor of communications, and has expanded her study into IT. Zoe has crewed on a number of television shows and film sets, with credits operating the camera, directing, script supervising, art direction and production design, craft services, unit managing and clapping the slate. She has also produced and hosted radio programs on SYN and RRR. Zoe is addicted to podcasts and has a constant backlog of webinars about to expire she endeavours to watch.


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