Youtube Video Ideas for Businesses (hair, food, cafes, health and more!)

video ideas for businesses

This week we’re talking about some really specific video ideas for businesses.

The video ideas for businesses mentioned below are quite specific to Youtube: they’re the kind of videos that do very well on Youtube and make you the expert in your field, but you can also make these kinds of videos translate to different platforms with a few adjustments. For example for Facebook, it’s really important to have subtitles come up because of autoplay.

it's important to have subtitles come up for facebook videos

First up, let’s talk hair salon owners.

Hair salon owners, hairdressers, blow bar owners or people with hair products, are all ideal specialists in posting videos on hair tutorials and how-to guides. Your potential viewers and customers are poised to trust you because you work in the field and have expertise and experience in the field that they don’t (yet! They’ll love you even more after they learn some expert tips from you!).

How do you put in extensions? Give us a review of a new product: straighteners, curlers, any kind of product like that.

Food products, chefs, restauranteurs:

Anything food or cooking related goes really, really well on Youtube (and any visual platform really, like Instagram). Maybe you have a line of cooking utensils, cooking appliances, even food products like green tea powder; all of these work really well with product demonstrations and recipes using your product or your food item.

On that note, any item can work really well using video to show off new product features or what the product does, or even have customers or influencers review the product.

Maybe you’re in a more service-based industry.

Someone like a physical therapist is in a perfect position to show potential prospects just why they’re the expert. They could do videos on the benefits of massage, how-tos for different techniques, or even how-tos on injury prevention.

Restaurant, cafe or bar owners:

What is your favourite glassware? Give us a review. What’s your favourite recipe for a certain cocktail or latte or meal? Share it with your potential customers so they simply have to come in and try it (even better if it’s just a little bit too difficult leading to a fail so they HAVE to come in to see it perfected!).

Gardeners and landscapers, you have the authority to let potential customers know what’s in season or how to revitalise their garden.

Video also allows for large project explanations. For example, what makes a big overhaul work? You know just how much goes into this type of project but your client may not. Let an explainer video build value for your client, manage their expectations and also build trust.

Any industry works really well with behind the scenes type of footage, so industries like interior design could show us what you’re doing as you do it. A time-lapse of a project would be really cool, showing all the products going in and the finished product at the end.

DIY projects are massive on Youtube, so really take advantage of that, interior designers especially.

For all industries your status as an <insert-whatever-it-is> business owner, that gives you the authority and you really come across as the expert that your potential customers and viewers can trust and appreciate. So really take advantage of that, build trust, and build your brand awareness.

A consistent stream of quality content is going to drive your views, your subscribers, your brand awareness, and over time that’s really going to affect your sales as well.

I’ve given you just a few examples of different video ideas for businesses that different industries could try out, but at Pickford we love this kind of thing, and we’ve even created 52 Video Ideas (tailored especially for your business!) which you can check out here.

52 video ideas for your business

If you need any help with choosing what kind of video you want, maybe you want to get into video but you’re not quite sure where to start, we’d love for you to give us an email on

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  1. Great tutorial, Zoe.Only your ideas are little bit chaotic. I try to create a similar list of ideas but with exact structure (dividing of ideas by category, vlogger level, goals)
    As s result, this list looks shoter, but it can help to create content plan with understanding of own advantages and disadvantages.

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