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So, interesting news out of Facebook in our first Video Marketing Industry Update of the year!

Facebook has started ported their Instagram Stories across into Facebook.

It’s a native feature that they’re trialling at the moment, and it definitely seems to be an attempt to take a bite out of Snap Co’s market share. Most people playing along will know that Snap are about to float their IPO – it looks like a three billion plus valuation, so Snap’s not going anywhere soon, but it is an interesting development from the biggest player in the social media game.

Abramo Peghini talks Video Marketing Industry updates


Speaking about social media in the video marketing industry sphere, the debate about social media influences rages on amongst marketers and digital media managers alike.

There’s been a big shift to using influencer marketing over influencer advertising. The industry’s really segmented into two parts, and we’re seeing that there’s a much better return on using things like citizen influencers – people that have between a thousand and ten thousand followers.

It’s not usually paid work, maybe it’s a free product in return, and it’s not really influencer advertising, which is when you see influencers like, “Oh, look! I’m wearing my my new branded sneakers!” and it’s in the caption and the tags and the comments, and there’s link backs and all that. I think that’s starting to wear thin with a lot of people, especially when posts get really overloaded with it all.

So we’re looking at actual long-term marketing, developing relationships with influencers, doing a great thing like Matcha Maiden.

Matcha Maiden use this fantastically, where they use a lot of people who don’t have a very high follower count (and some that do) and they repost their pictures and they give link backs and credits and people love it, and now they’ve got a whole Instagram that’s got about eighty thousand people following it, mostly on the back of other people’s content, but it’s very authentic and it’s very real.

Matcha Maiden Instagram in our Video Marketing Industry Update

An interesting note about follower counts, especially on Instagram, is the lower the follower count, the higher the engagement percentage. It’s something to think about, unless you’ve got the money to get a Kim Kardashian on, you’re probably better off using a lot of other, smaller reps.

Other Facebook developments: there are new ways to track video on Facebook.

This is really exciting to us in the video marketing industry: they’re tracking things through engagement and they’re really weighting long form video. This is a marked departure from what they’ve really been pushing a lot of the time, which (in very general terms) boils down to number of views of three seconds. So you get your video on there, you’ve got 5 or so seconds to try to engage with someone before they move on, and you use all these different techniques like subtitles, getting your point across really quickly, having it really pop in the news feed, make it visually engaging because most of the time people aren’t even turning on sound… etc. That’s why we’ve seen things like Buzzfeed and Taste doing extremely well with their really quick, visually appealing videos.

But Facebook’s now favouring longer form videos with this new engagement metric.

It’s interesting because YouTube is the home of long-form digital entertainment, when you take out things like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but Facebook can see that it is the way that they’re going have to shift. I suspect it’s because you can fit more ads into a long form video. This is one of the big problems that Facebook is running into: you can only have so many ads in a newsfeed.

Facebook engagement metrics in our Video Marketing Industry Update

People don’t often scroll all the way down to the end of their feed – they go in for a second, scroll down a few posts, and they’re out again, and there are only so many ads you can put in there, especially on mobile. But long-form video is somewhere else brands can advertise, and if you’ve got a 15 minute video you can potentially advertise a number of times depending on how you do it, so I think this is an interesting development, one that we’re definitely going to keep an eye on.

Talking about metrics to measure everything, we’re moving into a world where you can measure more and more and you can really target exactly where people are, what device they’re using, what they’re doing when they access your ad content, and so on.

But the real shift is We need to start thinking about going back to advertising to people, not marketing to a device. Click To Tweet

So a lot of times you might see that someone’s logged into Facebook on their mobile, or on their desktop, and saying well, okay so they’re on their mobile and that means we’ll just give them ads that we think are going to work on mobile, rather than ones that are going to work cross-platform, but what that misses is that people are more and more connected – I log into Facebook over two desktops, a tablet, probably a watch if I could get on to there, and my phone so now I’m across all these different devices.

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With new things like VR (which I know a lot people sort of are thinking, oh is it actually going to get big? and it is!), these are going to be a big part of the future, so we have to start thinking about how to market to customers, because people buy things not their devices. Click To Tweet

It’s something to think about when you’re setting up ad campaigns and marketing campaigns, that this is more where we’re heading. We’re not 100% there yet, but we need sort of an ubiquitous move towards marketing to people rather than to what we use to access your information.

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