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Using Video Effectively in Small Business

Today we’re talking about using video effectively in small business; all the different ways of using video effectively and as engagingly as possible, and with the highest return on investment. At Pickford Media we love video, but it can be really confusing evaluating and even proving a video’s return on investment.  So, I’m hoping this is your little bit of […]

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Creating The Right Video Content

Let’s talk about creating the right video content. Almost everyone getting into video stumbles at this part of video creation: we’re on board with using video in our business, but… now what?! How do we make the right video content? You obviously want to be making videos that people actually WANT to watch and to do that you need to know […]

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what is branded content pickford media

What is Branded Video Content?

Zoe Winther, founder of Pickford Media, talks what is branded video content – a massive trend that is continuing well into 2019. In the video, Zoe covers: Branded content is a different type of advertising to the traditional TV and online ads we typically see. It’s more about the soft sell. Branded video content is often relatable, funny and […]

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Podcasts and Audiobooks Melbourne

PODCASTS AND AUDIOBOOKS MELBOURNE Podcasts Together our team has years of experience in every corner of audio production: live music, radio, studio recordings, newscasting, film and TV sound.  We have turned this collective experience into producing podcasts at broadcast quality in the comfort of your home or office. We take care of everything so you […]

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Event Video Coverage in Melbourne

We are proud supporters and video sponsors of Run The World 2015, SoarCon 2016, the She Economy and One Roof Plus. We’ve created long and short form content from all of these events, creating shareable social media videos to market future events, live videos during events to increase social media engagement, paywalled longer videos full […]

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Video Production in Melbourne

If you can dream it, we can make it – or we’ll at least know the people who can! Some of our favourite ways to use video effectively for business include: Brand Storytelling Videos Perfect for your website and social media channels, whether you’re sharing the brand values, brand origin or brand mission, video will […]

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