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#ThrowbackThursday: My Beach Kitchen

Early in our business journey, we were lucky enough to work with the gorgeous, hilarious and insanely sweet Kelly Lowdon of My Beach Kitchen.   A total natural, this was her first time on camera – a bit of a dream becoming a reality after spending her childhood making mud pies and pretending she had her […]

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Julia Makin: Either I do it now, or I don’t do it

Tell Julia Makin she can’t do something and she’ll not only make it a point to prove you wrong, she’ll do it in high heels just to make sure the point isn’t lost on you. She’s a hilarious speaker I first saw in action at Soar Con, delighting the audience of female entrepreneurs with dad jokes, INXS lyrics and touching […]

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Key Takeaways from Meeting Gloria Steinem

 I got to meet Gloria Steinem. Over the last year I’ve been working with Business Chicks on a number of their Melbourne events, and have had the chance to meet and learn from some incredibly important and influential women. Women I’ve looked up to in the past, or have since begun to follow because of […]

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