If you've consumed any piece of content about being successful in business in today’s climate, you’ll know the focus is on just that:


  • Video content, 
  • Social media content (on every effing platform!)
  • Blog content that Google loves so it will actually show up in search results, 
  • Podcast content, 
  • Webinar content, 
  • Email newsletter content, 
  • Content automations, 
  • Photography, 
  • Influencers, 
  • Ads, 
  • Free downloads, 
  • Online courses, 
  • Building audiences for your content full of engaged fans and followers and subscribers,
  • and, and, and… 
content goddess academy digital content for businesses

At this point you’re thinking you’ll NEVER be a content machine 

... and how the f**k does making all this stuff make me any money, anyway?

zoe winther content goddess headshot

Babe, I’m here for you.  

You don’t have to be a machine.  

You can own it, you can make amazing content, you can learn how to repurpose, you can avoid burnout, you can grow your business…  

And you can be a Goddess.  


We've been waiting for you!

Content Goddess is a membership academy that dives into the nitty-gritty of all things content and how to use them in your business: the creation, the marketing, and all the in-between.

Created by Zoe Winther (founder of Pickford Media, a video content strategy and production company, Wildflower Podcasts and the filmmaker behind RISE), Content Goddess is ALL the how-to with none of the filler. 

This is EXACTLY how we do what we do for our Pickford Media clients. 

It’s the deep dive into your business goals and objectives, the keyword research, the content creation, the content marketing, the social media management, the blog set up and website maintenance, the content analytics… and repeat.

It's the gold we're paid the big bucks for, that not everyone can afford to outsource to the pros. 

Your yearly membership allows access to all current courses that you can complete at your own pace, as well as access to new courses that you can complete in real time with us (and even get marked on your work!).

Join the Content Goddess gang!

Use your content smarter

In the Content Goddess academy, we'll cover EVERYTHING - with no BS.

35 (and counting!) powerful courses for all aspects of your content creation and leveraging that are immediately actionable.

Praise for Pickford Media

Besides their professionalism and obvious skills in creating beautiful media which so perfectly capture my business and what we’re all about, they have this way of just ‘getting it.’ 

With little direction, they always deliver the most creative and clever work which delivers our message and reflects who we are so well. It’s been a dream to work with people who get me and get my business, and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

jess jones testimonial for pickford media

Jess Jones Founder, Soar Collective  

At Wealth Enhancers we’ve believed in video for a long time, but unfortunately it’s all about the execution and we haven’t had the right team working for us. 

We are so happy that we’ve found Pickford Media, because they are a pleasure to work with, they’ve given us great content and most importantly, they’ve given us the outcome we needed for success.  

finn kelly pickford media testimonial

Finn Kelly Co-Founder and CIO, Wealth Enhancers 

Not only is Zoe a true professional, she is a genuinely warm individual, someone who is easy to click with and someone who continues to amaze me on a daily basis. 

I feel honoured to have met Zoe and I look forward to working with her again. 

Pickford Media will be the first and only choice for any video services I require for my digital marketing agency and client base.

julia makin pickford media testimonial

Julia Makin Executive Director and Founder Vent2Me and Digital-Marketing-Courses.Com


It's time to go BIG beautiful one

I’ve always believed that wealthy women will heal the world, and I love playing my role in Pickford Media to help that happen.

 But it’s time to go biiiiigger. 

That’s why I’m packaging up everything I know at the lowest price point possible to help as many business goddesses succeed as I can.  

By now we all know the stats about the high percentage of businesses that fail in the first year. By five years, it's half of all businesses.

You need help sister, and if you’re a bit like me, you probably think you can’t ask your family for help (hiiiie black sheep of the fam!) and your friends “just don’t get it”. Ugh, them with their stable incomes! 

Not to mention the fact that you feel like you should be able to do it all on your own.

Well, guess what?

We aren't born with these skills.

The internet and how we consume content and media changes so rapidly that EVERYONE has to always be learning the new ways to do things.  

I know sometimes it might feel like it, but you aren’t so far behind you’ll never catch up.  

You don’t have to learn years of theory to understand how to do something.  

Hell, you don’t even have to understand the mechanics of creating a GIF if you all you want to is to post a promo of your video in your email newsletter.

I wasn’t born knowing shot composition. Or how to edit. Or how to clap a slate. Or what Google Analytics are and how to interpret them.  

Yes, I went to university for “Professional Communication” but most of these skills I learned on the fly, teaching myself bad habits and having to unlearn and relearn all over again so my industry peers would take me seriously.  

zoe winther content goddess pickford media

I spent a looong time feeling inadequate for not being the best cinematographer or not wanting to be the next Kubrick.  

Instead, I started actually listening to what our clients wanted and I noticed it hadn’t been done before.  

I created the Pickford Media system that just made sense to me, interconnecting content with all the internal and external systems within a business.  

The way I did it for my businesses is the exact way I started doing it for clients, and this sh*t WORKS.

Now I’m letting you in on everything I’ve spent my career building.  

Everything I spent graveyard shifts on student radio learning. Everything I learnt working for peanuts in TV and the online publication world. All the things that unpaid internships threatened to steal from my soul. Everything this beautiful rollercoaster of starting TWO businesses at 22 (WTF is wrong with me????) and making a documentary with a crew of TWO PEOPLE (?!?!) has lead me to…  

You don’t have to do it alone anymore, you beautiful soul, you. 

I know you’ve made a million decisions on your own.  

You’ve wallowed in your failures alone.  

You’ve celebrated your successes on your own as well.  

We don’t have to do it alone anymore. 

The Content Goddess Academy is my whole heart and most ambitious work to date.

It's something I want to keep growing and keep adding value back to the community that has given me everything. 

My gorgeous Goddess, I’m ready for you. 

I’m ready to hold this space for you, I’m ready to share with you everything that I previously thought wasn’t financially viable.  

I made this for us, Goddess. 

Come and join my weird club and let’s get this love fest happening!


Everything you need to make content work for you and your business 


  •  How to set up your socials and which ones you need
  •  How to create social media images
  •  How to grow your following
  •  How to interact with fans and followers
  •  How to use User Generated Content
  •  How to create GIFs
  •  How to repurpose Facebook Live content
  •  How to do a Facebook Live
  •  How to use non-traditional social media for more traffic
  •  How to do social media analytics


  •  How to DIY it: Lighting, Audio, Composition, Phone Video, your DIY Studio
  •  How to build an audience
  •  How to actually use video effectively
  •  How to use thumbnails properly
  •  How to natively embed video
  •  How to develop a video style guide
  •  How to develop confidence on camera
  •  How to create a blog from a video
  •  How to create a video from a blog
  •  How to create webinars
  •  How to use Youtube for email subscriptions
  •  What to wear on camera
  •  How to do makeup for camera
  •  How to use videos internally in your business
  •  How to edit videos


  •  How to install and use Wordpress
  •  How we do keyword research (and why it's essential)
  •  How to optimise for SEO (and what that means!)
  •  How to do website analytics


  •  All the steps to creating a podcast
  •  How to create lead pages
  •  DIY marketing basics
  •  How to create a content calendar
  •  How to discover your content purpose and 'why'
  •  Common sound culprits
  •  How to back up your content

Here are my core values:

  • - Wealthy women will heal the world,  
  • - We are allowed to take up space,  
  • - Financial literacy and economic empowerment,  
  • - Compassion for others, and ourselves.  

Content Goddess is the place where all of this comes together.  

zoe winther headshot pickford media content goddess

It’s the space I created in my dreams to help women achieve their dreams, become wealthy goddesses and heal the planet.  

It’s the place to come into your light and own the stage, whether it’s on video, in your writing or just having the ovaries to actually get your headshot taken and have it plastered everywhere on your website and socials.  

It’s the playground to learn about creating content.  

  To try, to fail, to succeed, knowing your cheer squad is right here to catch you when you fall and pop the champas when you go viral.  

No, creating content might not be earth-shattering.  

But watching women create content is pure joy for me.  

Strong women with something to say, not only not hiding from the spotlight but actively seeking it out because they know what they have to say might be life changing for those who see it.  

I’ve learnt that creating content is empowering, and my heart HURTS with waiting for you to experience it too.  

Our content is about being seen in a world that continually tells us that as women we aren’t meant to take up too much space.  

Our content is about making a conscious effort to keep on standing up and telling the world what you believe in, what you do and WHO YOU ARE, even if you’d rather be hiding far away from the camera or metaphorically balling up your Word doc and tossing it in the trash.  

You are enough.  

You are a courageous, inspiring soul, and I can’t wait for you to discover that.


This is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G

We're leaving nothing out.

This is 100% practical, no fluff stuff you can start implementing right. now.

Join Content Goddess!

Plus, over the year we'll be releasing our answer to a uni degree:

All the theory behind content creation, with readings, course work and assessments, and the option to send Zoe your work for feedback.

These courses will include:

  •  Writing as a Storytelling Medium
  •  Photography as a Storytelling Medium
  •  Moving Image as a Storytelling Medium
  •  Sound as a Storytelling Medium
  •  PR Basics
  •  Storytelling in Literature
  •  Editing Content Basics
  •  History of Communication Technologies
  •  Journalism Basics
  •  Documentary 101

About Zo:

zoe winther content goddess headshot

My name is Zoe and I'm the founder of Pickford Media, a video content strategy and production company, and Mortals Melbourne, an online magazine covering the Melburnians behind our city's events and institutions.

I'm also the filmmaker behind RISE, a documentary about a roadtrip up the east coast of Australia to host events with and interview regional Aussie business women. 

I'm a writer, and I've worked in radio, podcasts and TV. All things media is kinda my jam.  

But more importantly:

I don’t subscribe to the idea of having to separate the business and the personal, and I don’t believe in there really being a work-life balance.  

My whole heart is in my work, and I want to work with others who feel the same way.  

We are the empaths, the highly sensitive ones. The ones who feel everything and often that means our business decisions as well.  

I believe in cosmic timing and sage clearing and f*cking hard work.  

I believe wealthy women will heal the world and I want to use my talents to help that happen.  

I love deeply and hard, like a mother bear to a cub.  

My name is Zoe, and I’m a Content Goddess.  

Welcome to the club - we've been waiting for you!

Okay girl gang, let's get weird - and let's get shit done.

Are we a good fit?

We’ll work well together if:  

  You don’t mind a cheeky f-bomb.  

You’re into sage cleansing, body glitter at bush doofs and wellness festivals, but also appreciate the art of business meetings, SWOT analyses and a day-to-night heel. (NB: sage cleansing, doofing and wellness love is not actually necessary, but know that I might talk about crystals and energy every once in a while!)  

You value education.  

You’ll do the work. The work works if you work it.  

You’re a sensitive soul like me who can’t keep business and personal separated. How can we when it’s often our life’s work!? You don’t mind that I’ll take my intuition into account when being rational is probably all that’s needed, and that I’m working on my boundaries with energy vampires and wet blankets! 


When will I get access to the material? You'll have access as soon as I get back to you with your login (ie, as close to immediately as possible!)

How long will I have access to Content Goddess? For the complete duration of your membership.  

How long does membership last? Your membership is a recurring annual subscription. If you sign up on 2nd August 2019 and decide to cancel your subscription, you’ll have access until the 2nd August 2020. If you don’t cancel, your membership will renew on 2nd August 2020 without interruption.  

Is Content Goddess just for women? Within the CG Academy, I'll be using everything I've learnt from working with women and going through it myself to give you all of the gold I can. The how-tos will have all of the info for everyone (and there are currently male Goddesses in the academy!), but the whys are definitely skewed towards women and those identifying as. 

Why aren’t you charging more?!?! We charge more than 10X this amount per month for our corporate clients (and we’re worth every cent!) and while we adore our clients and only work with those we believe will make the world a better place, it means our potential to change the world is limited to only those who can afford it. Content Goddess is my antidote to world-suck, and I want it to be as financially UNlimited as possible (while still having a value and energy exchange).