We’re slowly opening up our sets again on a case by case basis!

To chat about your project, book in a chat with Zoe or email us at hello@pickfordmedia.com.

You can find our updated COVID-19 Production Guidelines here.


Pickford Media {empath

A limited crew video and podcast production service for the highly sensitive, introverted, empathic and neurodivergent.

Space Holding

For all the big feelings of being seen – often for the first time.

Limited Crew

We can keep our numbers down all the way to having only one dedicated crew member.

Nourishing Food

Snacks are vegan and locally sourced where possible to keep your energy and soul lifted.

Slow Pace

Take all the time you need, with as many breaks as necessary.

Entourage Welcome

Bring your hype team, support person or your mum. Whatever it takes to feel comfortable.

Added Extras

Meditation, sage clearing, weighted blankets? Check, check and check. What do you need?

Calm Atmosphere

Dim lighting, mood setting with your favourite tracks, and spaces to retreat to.

Sustainable Set

We maintain a zero-net impact on mother earth with our strict environmental policy.

Giving Back

Every booking gives a micro loan to a woman in business via Kiva.

It's that sound when you put a record on but before it starts to play...

It’s the crisp winter air right before it starts to snow…

It’s the smell of a loved book turning a page…

It’s dancing in the rain on New Year’s Eve…

Well, that’s what it feels like to me anyway: standing in the wildness of myself.

Letting free the parts of me I had been told to repress to fit in.

Learning I don’t have to dim my light in order to make others feel better.

Becoming comfortable with and learning to revel in the true alchemical nature of turning a base metal into gold.

I learnt how to do all of this through the torturous self exploration that is self expression.

I learnt all of these things about myself by forcing myself in front of the camera. It is alchemy: the limelight. The seeking of the limelight. The stepping into the limelight.

Unfortunately, it’s f*cking hard at the best of times. 

For the highly sensitive, introverted, empathic and neurodivergent among us… it’s damn near impossible. 

Pickford Media {empath simply had to be born this year when I stepped into my full power of space holding for those who need space held for them. 

For a long time it was me, and it sometimes still is. But the last five years of manning the Pickford Media fort, I’ve learnt all the things I wish I’d had at my disposal to make the journey of self-discovery and self-reverence a slightly smoother ride.

So, I'm passing the torch in the hope to set you on fire (in a gentle way)

I’m taking every hippy tendency I was told to hide, every magic spell I repressed, every ounce of intuition that was “too weird” to even entertain…

And every bit of technical know-how in film production and digital content I’ve picked up in the last ten years…

And adding it to a life time of being “too sensitive” to gift you something I’ve never seen before but feel pulling me along for the ride:

Pickford Media {empath.

A loving, open-hearted and caring way to do video production for those most sensitive to how it has traditionally been done.