Event Coverage Videos Melbourne

Event Coverage

We are proud supporters and video sponsors of Run The World 2015, SoarCon 2016, the She Economy and One Roof Plus.

We've created long and short form content from all of these events, creating shareable social media videos to market future events, live videos during events to increase social media engagement, paywalled longer videos full of value for audiences, speaker and MC reels for self-promotion... the list goes on.

Events are rife with potential content, you just have to harness it!

Event videos are a time capsule of your event, allowing those who weren't able to make it feel part of the community you've gathered together, and those who were to relive and reminisce.

Event videos are an engaging marketing tool for future events and can highlight what you do and the atmosphere you create while doing it.

Event coverage videos are also excellent digital products to use as lead generation behind a turnstile, or gated behind paywalls to turn single admission payments into passive, ongoing income.

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