Today, Pickford Media founder Zoe Winther is diving into four reasons why video will make your business better.



Think of the last time you went on Facebook.

Are you thinking? 

How long did it take you to find a video on there? 

I’m willing to bet it was the first thing you saw. 

The last time I went on Facebook, I think the first five posts were videos and our internet is so bad that I can’t even watch a video! I just want to see a status update, but I can’t!

Video is everywhere and in 2020, it’s only going to get bigger. 

But there are four key reasons I think why video will make your business better.


The first reason is emotional impact.


One of the things we say a lot around here at Pickford Media is:

the shortest distance between two people is a story.

And the best way to tell a story?

I reckon it’s through video!

Video enables you to combine text, audio and visuals, but you can also combine personality, tone and pace.

All of these elements really add to a video and how your story is told and your message is delivered.

You really need to be connecting with people on an emotional level in business because you need to be able to communicate your ‘Why.’

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the Simon Sinek video about the power of why:


People really want to know your why.

They want to know who you are as well as what you do or what you sell.

And they want to know that before they purchase.

Back on the note of being able to combine text and audio and beautiful imagery, is how video lends itself to creativity.

Being creative with video and being creative in business is so important to show people your point of difference.

We’re in absolute information overload, so you really need to catch people’s eye and draw them in.

You can’t just pose any old video and expect to get high levels of engagement.

You have to show off that creativity, and showing off that creativity in a video also demonstrates how creative you are in business, how creative you’ll be at providing a solution, how good your product will be.

It all relates and it all gets people on board and into your store to become your customer or client.

The other reason you need your video to be creative is share ability.

Being shareable is the third big reason why video content will really help your business.

Because video is so much more engaging, it makes it that much more shareable.

That really gives you the social proof your business needs.

And finally, what I think is the most important and the thing that I love helping businesses with is…


This is the thing that’s most important for your business, the thing that I love spending time on and the thing that a lot of people forget to do and it’s what we do at Pickford really, really well:

Optimizing your video for the search results.

SEO is search engine optimization, and it’s basically how well you come up in the search rankings if someone searches for your keyword.

Now, Google owns YouTube so they often favour YouTube videos in the first few search results, so using video on YouTube as a strategy is a really good idea.

It gets you in front of the people who are actively searching for you and that is the most important thing.


So, those are four huge reasons why video is really important for your business.


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