How important is video really to a marketing strategy?

In this video, Pickford Media founder Zoe Winther gives a few reasons why video is important to your marketing strategy:

1 hour + 55 minutes

That’s the daily average time that users spend watching digital video, as opposed to 1 hour and 44 minutes on social networks.

According to an eMarketer report, time watching digital video outdid every other platform listed, that’s including Facebook, Pandora and Spotify and other digital radio platforms.

We can really only expect this figure to rise.

14 – 25

That’s the age of trailing millennials who are watching more video on their digital devices than on traditional TV screens. 

As this generation of trailing millennials grows up, they’re going to be expecting the best quality content to be available on digital platforms so they can watch it on their personal devices.

That means the advertising that accompanies that content really needs to be innovate enough to catch and hold their fleeting attention.


The number of online users who recall seeing a video ad on a website they’ve visited in the past 30 days. Of that 80%, 46% took some kind of action following watching the ad, whether that’s visiting the company’s website, or buying something from them.


Now that’s how much more likely a consumer is to purchase a product from a website having seen a video either for that product or that company.


That’s how much including a video in a welcome email to subscribers can reduce subscriber opt-outs. 

Maintaining that contact really is a vital part of establishing a relationship with prospects.

10 seconds!

That’s how much time you have to grab a viewer’s attention in a marketing video. 

According to research, 20% of viewers click away before ten seconds is even up.

1.5 billion

The number of online video users.


The percentage of consumer traffic globally that will be video traffic in 2017.


The number of consumers that say watching online product videos makes them a lot more confident in their online purchasing decisions.

4 billion

Now that is the number of hours that YouTube’s 1 billion viewers spend watching video in one month. 

Hopefully by now you’re convinced that you need video, and that video is totally vital to your marketing strategy, but if not I have two more things to consider.

The first one is:

Information overload.

  • 27 million pieces of content are published every single day.
  • Our average attention span has dropped from 12 to only 8 seconds.
  • We check our phone 150 times a day and our email 30 times an hour.
  • The amount of information in the world doubles every 18 months.

So really, that is what makes visual content so, so important a medium for brands and for businesses.

The second thing is: helping millennials make purchases.

Generation Y is primed to spend $200 billion annually, and video marketing plays a starring role in influencing them what to buy.

  • YouTube reaches more millennials than any single US cable network.
  • The average time mobile YouTube users spend on YouTube is 40 minutes, and in that time they’re watching anything from cat videos to tutorials to branded content.
  • A study has found that 76% of millennials follow brands on YouTube, and a whopping 84% on Facebook.
  • Why is this important? Because 80% of millennials use videos to help them know which products to purchase.

So there it is, breaking through that information noise and helping millennials to make purchasing decisions online.

If those aren’t two incredibly compelling reasons to show you how important is video to your marketing strategy, I don’t know what is.

Hopefully you’re going to introduce some budget for video content going forward and adding video into your marketing strategies.

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