This week, Pickford Media founder and Chief Content Goddess Zoe Winther takes us through how to feel more confident on camera.

This is something we work on with clients on daily basis.

And if anyone knows how to get more confident in front of the camera, it’s probably going to be Zoe, who used to get Abramo to turn the camera on and then leave the room, not attempting to film anything until she was sure he was out of earshot in another room.

Watch below or keep scrolling to read more about getting confident in front of the camera.



I’ve titled this post ‘how to feel more confident on camera’ but I want to have a quick talk about what having confidence actually means.

True confidence, in my experience, comes from knowing yourself. Learning all there is to know, and then embracing that person.

It’s about loving yourself, worshipping yourself and revering yourself. And to get to that place, you have to do the internal work.

You need to find out and work on who you are and what your story is, embracing it and loving it for all that it is and all that you are.

So, when I say I’ve got some tips for you to get confident on camera, what I really mean is, until you’re ready to do the work, here is what you can do to get pumped up, get in the zone and get more comfortable in front of the camera.

You’re not alone. Almost everyone is searching for the magic answer: how do I get confident on camera like all those cool people that I see that don’t seem to have any barriers to entry?!

It’s internal. It’s ‘the work’. But you can get started on your journey to feel more comfortable on camera. 


So, how to feel more confident on camera:


Tips for getting comfortable on camera so you appear more confident:

1: Practice talking out loud.

If you’re someone like me who works the majority of the time on their own in their home, you can often go long stretches of time without actually speaking out loud.

We might be constantly writing things down, journaling, emailing or on team chats, but actually talking out loud…

It’s a muscle that you need to use, so that when you do have to use it, like in front of the camera, you feel comfortable doing so.

I recommend:
  • If you are typing an email, talk about what you’re emailing.
  • If you are doing the dishes, talking out loud about what you’re thinking about.
  • Talk to your dog or your cat or your fish.
  • If you’re driving in the car, quite literally partake in talk back radio.

Think of all the ways you can talk out loud.

It’s going to feel weird and embarrassing, but that’s exactly what you have to get over!

It will stop feeling weird and embarrassing once you start practicing, and if you’re home alone who is realistically going to know or care that you’re chatting out loud to yourself?

Do it as often as you can to get comfortable speaking out loud.

2: Pretend the camera is your friend.

Seriously, just pretend you’re having a conversation with a friend!

Often when we know we’re being recorded, we can become stiff and robotic. Or we can put in a news anchor voice or just start acting not like ourselves at all.

That is totally normal!

A camera is a really foreign thing to most of us. And when we see this big, black Cyclops eye staring at us?

It’s like…

What do I do?

Where do I put my hands?

How do I speak?

I like to pretend I’m chatting with a friend, and then whatever tone I want to come across in the video, I simply let that come through.

If I want it to be serious, I be serious. Maybe I’m talking to a work friend as opposed to one of the girls.

If I want more silly, more goofy personality to come through, I do that as well. 

Get clear on who you want your video to resonate with, let a friend be the stand-in in your mind, and let you shine through to the viewer.

People really feel it on the other side of the screen.

Your vibe transcends the lens and people pick up it, so let your unique energy shine.

3: Embrace natural light.

Wherever I can in my videos, I sit in front of a big window and let as much natural light in as I can. This is perfect on an overcast day where the shadows are fairly neutral and I won’t be fighting the position of the sun too much.

natural lighting can help you to feel more confident on camera

Natural light is the most flattering on our skin, and that is important when we want to feel comfortable and confident.

When we feel like we look our best, that comes through, and lighting (done right!) is a simple way to feel better about our appearance.

It infuriates me that women will miss out on opportunities because they don’t feel like they look a certain way. 

I don’t think it’s an excuse to not show up just because you have a pimple.

feel confident on camera even with a pimple

In the video I filmed, I have plenty. I have wet hair from the shower.

We are constantly barraging ourselves with messages about why we can’t be on camera:

  • I’m not thin enough.
  • My hair hasn’t been blow dried.
  • I’m too ugly.
  • I don’t have a makeup artist to do my makeup professionally.
  • My background in too messy.
  • There’s nowhere in my house that’s nice enough to film in.

don't let a messy background keep you from feeling confident on camera!

Babe, I’m sorry, but these stories just aren’t good enough!

They’re blocks.

They’re excuses.

You need to work out why they’re there for you and get past them because they’re BS.

In saying all that, use natural lighting.

Knowing that your lighting is making you look your best can definitely boost your confidence on camera.

4: Change position.

If you’re noticing that you feel like you’re putting a hundred percent out there but when you review that footage it’s like… maybe 35 percent, it might just be because you’re getting tired.

So if you’re feeling lethargic, I recommend you try changing your position.

If you’re sitting, try standing.

If you’re standing and it’s uncomfortable or awkward or you’re leaning from foot to foot, try sitting.

Remember to keep your back straight.

If you are tired, your posture might slouch and that kind of energy gets through to the audience.

So make sure you are up straight, chin is out and down covering up our jowls wherever we can, or whatever your little issue that you might have with yourself!

know your angles to feel more comfortable on camera

Find out the right angle and the right position that help you feel more confident.

For me, it’s a slight down angle so that my double chins are hidden a bit, it’s sitting, it’s with a nice straight back and nice posture. 

5: Know your angles.

This one has taken me a few years to perfect, just how kind of far my down angle can go before it starts looking weird. 

Work out what camera angle makes you feel the best, and once you know: stick to it!

I’ve kept my tripod up in my office space for weeks because it’s at the perfect height and the perfect angle.

I really like my set up, so I’ve kept it there! And when I’m in the mood to film, I know it’s ready to go and that makes me feel good about myself and that confidence hopefully shoots through the camera to you onto your screen.

So, those are a few of my tips on how to feel more confident on camera.

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