We very strongly believe in professional development and sharing the knowledge.

We've garnered ourselves a fair bit of film industry and business experience over the years, and we want to share what we've learnt.

You can find that here in our ecourses, group workshops and one-and-ones, and of course on the blog!

Pickford Media Webinar Production Ecourse, Webinar Production Training, Webinar Production Elearning - computer image


Confidence on Camera
An ecourse for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to get confidence in front of the camera

Film Set Ready Basics
A Guide for Film Students and Those Wanting to Break into the Film Industry

Video Content Production Course - A beginner's training for video content for small business owners - taking notes image


Video Content 101
A Beginner's Guide to video content for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

The Pickford Media Blog is full of training, learning, elearning and video production tips and tricks - laptop and phone image


Some of our favourite and most popular blog posts are below:

Things my boss never told me about running a business

Business lessons from founders Cyan Ta'eed, Jacinta McDonell and Kristina Karlsson

Failure is not an option in business

The Importance of a Video Content Calendar

Nigella Lawson at Business Chicks Melbourne Breakfast

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