Early in our business journey, we were lucky enough to work with the gorgeous, hilarious and insanely sweet Kelly Lowdon of My Beach Kitchen.


A total natural, this was her first time on camera – a bit of a dream becoming a reality after spending her childhood making mud pies and pretending she had her own cooking show!

You can find the recipe for these WEEKEND RASPBERRY AND MAMACINO GRANOLA MUFFINS on the My Beach Kitchen website here.


Hi, I’m Kelly from My Beach Kitchen and today I’m going to show you how to make the easiest, quickest muffins. I make them for my kids all the time, and they LOVE them!


So, just a few basic ingredients: flour, almond meal, cinnamon, baking powder, salt and sugar which we’re going to mix together first.

 kelly lowdon my beach kitchen pickford media zoe winther

Just pop them all in together.


Add a bit of lemon zest. Maybe about half a lemon’s worth of zest. Try not to go too far down on your lemon, because you don’t want to get that pith because it’s quite bitter. It’s not the flavour we want in our muffins.


All right, so just give this a really quick mix, and next we’re going to add our wet ingredients.


So, in this bowl we’re just going to crack in a couple of eggs.


If you can get nice free-range eggs, it’s even better.


And to that we’re going to add a bit of melted butter, some vanilla essence, and just a little bit of warm water to help bind it.


Give it a quick mix. And in it goes.


Simple as that.

 kelly lowdon my beach kitchen pickford media zoe winther 

Give it another quick stir. All right, to that we’re going to add one apple, which has just been peeled and roughly chopped – fairly finely chopped, pop that in. Give it another quick stir.


And that’s about it.


You can use pre-bought muffin cases like I’ve got here, or if you want you just simply get squares of baking paper, fold them up and press them in. They’ll work just as well, but I’m a bit lazy so I’ve pre-bought some.

So we want to fill them about a third full at this stage.


The other thing I think is really important when you’re cooking is to cook with a bit of love. I saw recently on a SBS show, it might have been ABC, about a guy I think he was in England, who was renowned for his salmon. And he sings to it. And apparently, that’s the key to him having the best and most expensive salmon in the world so, feel free to sing to your muffins.


I usually play the recorder except it got confiscated in our house because my husband hates it.

 kelly lowdon my beach kitchen pickford media zoe winther

Nearly done.


All right, pop that aside. And to top these little babies off, we’re going to add some beautiful chopped strawberries. I’ve got some really lovely, organic granola that’s made locally here in Torquay, and some brown sugar. If you don’t have granola you can use flaked almonds, slivered almonds, walnuts, whatever you like. So I’ll just quickly give these a chop.


You just need one or two on the top of each, depending on how big your strawberries are.


I’ve made these with raspberries as well, they taste fantastic. You could use banana, pretty much anything you like. Some of the stone fruits, diced up on these would be lovely as well.


All right. Next we’re going to pop on a little bit of this beautiful granola. Sprinkle half a teaspoon to a teaspoon on each of your muffins. All right, and to finish them off, we’re going to add a little bit, maybe about half a teaspoon, of brown sugar to each muffin, so when they cook, they go beautiful and golden and crispy on top.


kelly lowdon my beach kitchen pickford media zoe winther 

And that’s about it.


Don’t forget, to sing to your muffins, or play them a bit of music and they’re ready for the oven.


Okay, so the muffins are cooked, they are looking absolutely beautiful. Probably 20-25 minutes in a moderate oven and you are going to end up with the best muffins you will ever eat.


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