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Video Production

This year we’re scaling back our offering to focus on what we’re really good at: event coverage, speaker reels, and online course content and pieces to camera specifically for YouTube audiences.

Depending on your needs and business objectives, our video production service is completely scaleable, from the planning and preproduction stages, to filming and sound recording, to post-production including video editing, colour correction, sound editing and music production.

We have worked on all kinds of video projects including event coverage, broadcast TVCs, documentaries, community and commercial television, social media content, and short films. 

Event Coverage Videos

We’ve created long and short form content from a number of events, creating shareable social media videos to market future events, live videos during events to increase social media engagement, pay-walled longer videos full of value for audiences… the list goes on.

Events are rife with potential content, you just have to harness it.

Event videos are a time capsule of your event, allowing those who weren’t able to make it feel part of the community you’ve gathered together, and those who were to relive and reminisce.

Event videos are an engaging marketing tool for future events and can highlight what you do and the atmosphere you create while doing it.

Event coverage videos are also excellent digital products to use as lead generation behind a turnstile, or gated behind paywalls to turn single admission payments into passive, ongoing income.

Online Course Videos

We like to think of ourselves as the experts in the field of video and audio content creation for businesses.

It is what we love to do and we know we are good at it.

That is why we have a number of video courses in the works and we want you in on it, too!

You are the expert in your field – maybe it is marketing, styling, events, blogging, science, banking, restaurants or contracting.

There’s money to be made in online courses, and we are here to help you create a gorgeous product your customers will love.

Don’t just give them a fuzzy image from your laptop built-in webcam. Up your production values and up your reputation as the expert in your field.

Speaker Reel Videos

As much as we love the online world, sometimes it’s really about building your authority so you can take your expertise offline.

This is where your speaker reel comes in, to highlight your expert status, the value you bring to audiences and clients, and your personal brand. It’s how you’re able to stand out in a crowded and noisy marketplace.

A professional speaker showreel showcasing your core messaging, stage presence and ability to connect with your audience is one of the best and fastest ways to get booked as a paid speaker.

Whether you have an upcoming gig you need filmed for your reel content, or you have years of speaking footage ready to go, we’ll create something that is uniquely YOU (and most importantly, shows potential gig bookers that you’re an experienced and confident speaker!).


Any successful campaign beings with a well thought out content strategy.

A content plan can help consolidate ideas and give you a game plan on getting those ideas into action.

For a campaign strategy road map, we can assess where you currently are in the market, identify gaps, and work out how to get you where you want to be, covering aspects like you business goals, values, target demographics and measurable metrics. 

Our pre-production offerings also cover things like scripting, talent management and location scouting. 


If you are all over video content and know the benefits of video in your marketing strategy, you might have already filmed some content.

The filming went great!

But the video editing…

You don’t have time, you hate the video editing process, or maybe you enjoyed the video editing process but simply do not have time to learn the ins and outs (and after 8 hours working on it, your attempt at editing didn’t even come out that cool…)!

Our post-production also covers all of your audio editing, bespoke royalty free music, colour correction, titles, transitions and graphic needs. 

Vlog Editing Service


The best video editing service for small business and entrepreneur vloggers!

You know the power of video content but you just don’t have time to edit videos, you hate editing or you simply have no idea where to start and no time to learn.

We believe in video as a lead generator, SEO tool and authority builder, but we also know that small biz cashflow often means some things just have to be put off, sometimes indefinitely. That doesn’t have to be video anymore!

You simply upload your raw video footage to Dropbox or Mega, and we do the rest. You’ll get back an edited video within 48 hours, at a price point you can manage.


This is a great option to share your video on no budget (startups and small businesses, we get you, we’ve been there. That’s why we created this option!).

You can share the link on your social media accounts, and embed the Pickford Media watermarked video into your website or blog post.

For maximum views we recommended a standard, HD or premium video. Facebook highly favours native video uploads (that’s where you upload videos directly to Facebook as opposed to a link to Youtube or Vimeo), and Google highly favours Youtube videos in search – they do own Youtube after all, so don’t miss out on your Google love!


– 480p SD footage
– Embeddable
– No watermarks

$25 per completed minute of video


– 1080p HD footage
– Downloadable
– No watermarks

$50 per completed minute of video


High Def Option PLUS
– Transcribed for CC
– Recommended keywords/tags
– Customised thumbnail

$75 per completed minute of video

Raw Video Footage From Any Device

It doesn’t matter if you shoot video from a professional video camera, a mobile phone, or even the webcam on your laptop. Our video editors can handle your footage.

Cut To Your Music

Upload your raw video footage along with your music choice to your video project on Dropbox or Mega. Keep in mind you may need to buy royalty free music, see our music guide attached to your questionnaire.

Video Editing That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

Pickford Media’s editing service is the most cost effective video editing service around. It starts at $0, with premium options up to $75 per completed minute. You can pay thousands of dollars with other video editing services.

48-Hour Turnaround

If you’re anywhere near as impatient as us, you’ll want your video uploaded and getting views YESTERDAY. You will get your professionally edited video within 48 hours from when you upload your footage and send us your completed questionnaire.

Podcast Production

Together our team has years of experience in every corner of audio production: live music, radio, studio recordings, newscasting, film and TV sound.

We have turned this collective experience into producing podcasts at broadcast quality in the comfort of your home or office. We take care of everything so you can concentrate on bringing your quality content to the table.

We include combinations of podcast preproduction and planning, audio recording, and post-production to create your professional podcast depending on your needs. Fully customisable, we can come to you with our broadcast quality microphones for a superior audio product in the comfort of your home or office, or take care off all the post-production with editing, music, hosting and analytics so you can focus on the content.

We can help you make a one-off episode to give you the know-how to go forward on your own, or we can offer our 1, 3, 6 and 12 month packages for longer running endeavours. We can help you out every step of the way, from pre-production through to hosting episodes and distributing to various platforms, and analytics on listenership.

Video Analytics

It’s after all the planning and strategising, producing and video editing that the magic of successful video content really happens, and it is also the part of the journey that most entrepreneurs get wrong. 

You need to know what video metrics you need to track, how, when and where to upload you video, and how to make sure you’re utilising all the best video SEO practices you can. What we absolutely don’t want is you spending thousands of dollars on video content that barely anyone sees or engages with, when that video could be a great way for you to find clients, provide value and build your brand.

Video Distribution Platforms and Video SEO Best Practices

Covering everything from various video distribution platforms best suited for your video content (there is a lot more than just YouTube and Vimeo!) (although proactive YouTube channel management and optimised uploads to both of these video platforms can be crucial to video success), uploading video to social media accounts and promoting through more avenues than just your company page, correct video uploading and making use of video tagging, keywords, custom video thumbnails, metadata, video transcripts and more, plus extensive video analytics so you can really track your video content’s performance: everything from the number of views to engagement metrics and viewer behaviour.

Social Media Content and Management

To cut through the social media noise it feels like you really have to be posting and updating constantly.

Creating consistent, quality content that people actually see is quite frankly really, REALLY hard.

We can help with a piece of social media content, or get you sorted with a plan and a host of content to draw from on your social media channels. 

It’s our skills in both the technical and the creative that really sets us apart.

Through trial and error over the last five years, we’ve found a unique blend of using content with an emphasis on video that is perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs.

It’s all of the production side, plus optimising your social media, website, blog, Youtube channel and email automations to create streamlined sales, client nurturing and lead generation funnels.

Want a bit of everything?