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Here are some goodies we've been working on just for you! We love providing value for business owners and entrepreneurs, so feel free to download away our free offerings, learn about how video could help your biz and maybe even check out some of our paid offerings too.

If there's anything else you need to know about video or any services you think we could help you out with, feel free to get in touch. You can reach Zoe on zoe@pickfordmedia.com

Do-It-Yourself Video Marketing Ebook

The Ultimate List of Hashtags

52 Video Ideas for YOUR Business

Video Content Calendar (Part One)

Video Content Calendar (Part Two)

Video Content Calendar (Part Three)

Tales From Our First Year in Business

Common Sound

Smartphone Video Training for Business Owners

Your Video Idea Cheatsheet

What to Wear for Your On-Camera Appearance

Pickford Media School

The Future Of Video Marketing

What Kinds Of Videos Should You Make

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Using Video Effectively in Business

Youtube Video Ideas for Businesses

Creating the Right Video Content

Tentacle Sync Review

What is Branded Video Content?

How Important is Video to Your Marketing Strategy

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