Your time is precious.

To cut through the social media noise it feels like you really have to be posting and updating constantly.

Creating consistent, quality content that people actually see is quite frankly really, REALLY hard. 

Video is one powerful way to cut through on social media, but it’s also incredibly time consuming and rarely done well. For every viral video you’ve seen making the rounds on Facebook, there are thousands that barely see the light of day, becoming the online equivalent of yesterday’s news being today’s fish’n’chip wrapper. 

Sure, you might have time to sit down and shoot a video a few times a month, but then comes everything else: video editing, research to make sure people want to see your video, tagging, thumbnails, descriptions, subtitles, royalty free music, embedding, uploading… to a lot of people that list makes them want to tear their hair out. To the Pickford Media team… we’re getting excited just writing it down!

You need maximum output with minimum input.

Our social media strategy and management has a strong focus on video, making it a winning solution for any business, big or small.

It’s a program where we manage the core content of your social media strategy, predominantly on Facebook but also including Youtube, Instagram and other social platforms depending on your target market. 

We understand that you can’t always be putting the time and money into making months’ worth of content while also running your business and social media channels, so that’s why we show you how to get the most out of shooting video, give you a year’s worth of video ideas, and leverage these single pieces of content into a week’s worth of social media posts.

You need the tools and knowledge to make the core content of your social media strategy, and we give you that roadmap. We then step it up a notch, leveraging what you have into even more content which we then deliver through your social media channels.

You need to leverage video content into days of social media posts.

When you sign up with our social media strategy and management program, we give you a reliable foundation to make your videos.

We know that video is one of the most important ways to market your business on social media as all channels are favouring video content. We also know how hard it can be to get in front of the camera: we’re going to be your cheerleaders from start to finish!

You’ll get the tools to make a new video each week, so you don’t have to spend money on non-evergreen video content to keep your content consistent and flowing. We have packages all the way from simply shooting on your smart phone through to simple camera and microphone set ups that we’ll help you master and be standing beside you every step on the way. (Or at least until you let us know we can take away the training wheels!)

Our video content roadmap will be tailored to your business and the specific goals you hope to achieve with video. It gives you video ideas every week complete with keyword tagging. Then you simply send us your footage and we’ll do the rest. You’ll have the week’s cornerstone content, along with multiple other posts to keep your social media consistent throughout the week.

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