debunking video content myths pickford media founder zoe winther

4 Video Content Myths DEBUNKED!

Let’s get straight into it and debunk some video content myths.  Pickford Media founder Zoe Winther goes in on debunking some common myths around creating video content. Watch the video below, or keep on reading to get to the video content myth debunking!     Video myth number one: video has to take a lot […]

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video is an incredibly powerful tool

Video is an incredibly powerful tool

Video is an incredibly powerful tool. Used the right way, video marketing can help you grow your brand awareness and build traction, give you an expert status in your field and connect with your audience in a real and personal way. Used the wrong way it can cost a LOT of money with very little return on investment.  At Pickford Media, we analyse […]

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the future of video marketing pickford media

The Future Of Video Marketing

Today we’re talking all things the future of video marketing. The future of video marketing is a really big question at the moment that a lot of people are talking about – but where is it going? Well, there are a lot of things rapidly changing in the video and marketing industries, and it’s hard to […]

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how to use video effectively for business pickford media

Using Video Effectively in Small Business

Today we’re talking about using video effectively in small business; all the different ways of using video effectively and as engagingly as possible, and with the highest return on investment. At Pickford Media we love video, but it can be really confusing evaluating and even proving a video’s return on investment.  So, I’m hoping this is your little bit of […]

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