the future of video marketing pickford media

The Future Of Video Marketing

Today we’re talking all things the future of video marketing. The future of video marketing is a really big question at the moment that a lot of people are talking about – but where is it going? Well, there are a lot of things rapidly changing in the video and marketing industries, and it’s hard to […]

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right video content pickford media

Creating The Right Video Content

Let’s talk about creating the right video content. Almost everyone getting into video stumbles at this part of video creation: we’re on board with using video in our business, but… now what?! How do we make the right video content? You obviously want to be making videos that people actually WANT to watch and to do that you need to know […]

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julia makin pickford media

Julia Makin: Either I do it now, or I don’t do it

Tell Julia Makin she can’t do something and she’ll not only make it a point to prove you wrong, she’ll do it in high heels just to make sure the point isn’t lost on you. She’s a hilarious speaker I first saw in action at Soar Con, delighting the audience of female entrepreneurs with dad jokes, INXS lyrics and touching […]

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what is branded content pickford media

What is Branded Video Content?

Zoe Winther, founder of Pickford Media, talks what is branded video content – a massive trend that is continuing well into 2019. In the video, Zoe covers: Branded content is a different type of advertising to the traditional TV and online ads we typically see. It’s more about the soft sell. Branded video content is often relatable, funny and […]

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