Let’s talk about the three factors that video can help you with that is going to absolutely explode your business.



They are the know, like and trust factors!

These are so important when building your brand, building your business and getting those elusive sales.

People need to know you first of all, they need to like you and most importantly they need to trust you.

They need to know that where their hard-earned dollars are going is worth it, and video it’s a really great way to go through those three factors.

  1. The Know Factor

Video is really good at getting across the ‘know’ factor because it allows people to see you, to hear you and to understand what you’re about.

They need to know that you’re comfortable talking about your niche or your service or your product.

They need to know that if you can explain something well to camera, you’ll be able to explain it to them face-to-face.

They need to know who you are as a person. 

Video is a really unique way of doing that because you can show your personality, you can show your tone, you can show the pace of what you say and where you want to put meaning on different words.

You can do it all with video and it’s a really good way people to get to know you.

Particularly when you’re putting out video consistently, it means that it’s not just a shot in the dark, people aren’t just seeing you one time.

You’re there all the time. They’ll get to recognise you and to know who you are and that leads into the ‘like’ factor.

2. The Like Factor

People really need to like you. It’s just a fact.

As sad as it may be, if people don’t like you, they’re not going to buy from you. 

I often think about that saying:

‘once you know somebody’s story, you can’t help but fall in love with them.’

I think about it often with these kinds of piece to camera videos, and I think it’s really simple:

Once you humanise yourself, people generally can’t help but like you.

Unless there’s something really particular and someone really doesn’t like whatever it is about you – and we all have those people. We don’t know why we don’t like them, we just don’t.

It’s nothing personal. Well, maybe it’s personal.

But video is an amazing tool to show that you are really human, and you do have a story and a voice and a message to share. 

There are simply too many brands and businesses that are completely faceless.

And when they’re faceless, they’re also a little soulless.

So if you can get your face out there with all your photos and your imagery on your website and socials, video is a natural extension of that.

You can start showing off your personality, telling jokes, telling your story, getting people on your side. It’s essential to selling a product or service, and video is a super good way to do that!

3. The Trust Factor

Thirdly there’s the ‘trust’ factor.

I think this is the most important.

People need to trust you to hand over their money.

Consider two similarly priced products.

It seems obvious that the one that is the most humanised, where you see the faces, you know the people, you like them, you trust them… that’s going to be the winner 99 times out of 100.

And trust is especially important with service-based businesses.

I was just reading an article that had this really nice quote that said:

‘the better the experience, the less price is going to be an issue’. 

High-end services, things like high-end video production like we do at Pickford Media, when it comes down to it is an investment. 

But the better the experience is, the less that cost is going to be an issue. So we really put a strong emphasis on our personalities and having a really fun time while we’re doing video.

So that ‘trust’ factor: the more someone trusts you, the less cost is going to be an issue. If people know, like and trust you, the trifecta, that’s when price really stops becoming such an issue.

But how do you build trust with video?

There’s definitely a certain element that when you see someone, there’s something innate about whether you trust them. It can be something that you feel.

Other times, it has to be cultivated.

A great way to build trust is through providing really valuable content.

If you can consistently demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and you’re passionate about what you do, potential customers are going to trust that when they invest in you, you’re going to deliver for them consistently, too.

Another really great way to use video to build trust is through testimonials.

It’s getting that social proof, getting someone else sing your praises. You can say anything you want about yourself, but when someone else backs that up, that can simply skyrocket your business.

I love using testimonials in our business. We do tons of testimonial content for other businesses and it just works. It builds that trust factor effortlessly.

So that’s it: the know, like and trust factors.

They’re so key in booking clients and building your business and I really hope that you give video a try and see what it does for you in building those three key ingredients in exploding your business.

I’m really looking forward to seeing any content you make so please do share it with us. Any of our social medias, it’s @pickfordmedia, or you can email hello@pickfordmedia.com



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