Today we’re talking all things the future of video marketing.

The future of video marketing is a really big question at the moment that a lot of people are talking about – but where is it going?

Well, there are a lot of things rapidly changing in the video and marketing industries, and it’s hard to predict what’s going to be just a gimmick and what’s going to be a long-term trend. (But we’ll give it our best go!)

VR, or Virtual Reality, is already playing a massive role in what people think the future of video is going to be.

You’ve probably already seen 360 videos, whether you’ve had a little play around with them on Youtube or with your mobile phone. Or just seen a weird image with arrows around the edges and wondered what on earth it was!

Obviously Pokemon Go saw a massive trend earlier in 2016 and 2017. That has aspects of VR built into it with superimposing Pokemon characters over what your phone camera can see.

But there are also short films are being made with the big VR headsets which are proving incredibly interesting, and that seems to one of the directions video marketing is taking and will be taking in the future.

But! A lot of these ideas hinge on the public’s adoption of VR hardware.

At the moment we’re seeing early adopters take on VR hardware and creation.

VR is obviously a deviation from the traditional screens that we’re used to: our TVs, computers, and personal devices. It will really rely on whether it’s adopted. The more it’s adopted of course, the more the price will come down as we see with pretty much all tech products, and that will really determine VR’s longevity.

So it’s really a question of wait and see. But… it is a lot of fun to get into right now regardless!

The longevity of VR is a wait and see game, but it’s a lot of fun regardless!


Another trend that we’re seeing with video marketing is really highly pumped out, lo-fi videos.

These are the kinds of videos you would upload on social media for example.

But on the flip side of that, we’re also seeing a lot of companies take advantage of what’s available with video content: really high quality, very well produced videos. They’re seeing really, really great results with those.

So we’re seeing the clash of the two worlds there: with the behind-the-scenes, raw, real, lo-fi vibe of live streaming, Insta Stories and all of those kinds of things, meshing with really well-produced, more one off, less regular, really beautiful content.

We’re seeing the clash of two video worlds: BTS, lo-fi vibes meshing with one off, beautiful video content.


We’re seeing with that kind of well-produced content that it’s longer form. It’s a lot more about story telling. It’s a lot more about telling people why you do what you do as opposed to simply saying: 

here’s this thing you can buy from me.

We seem to be constantly going back to “the power of why”. We’re getting really into the heart of a company’s core messaging as opposed to being very sales-y.

The other thing that we’re seeing with this coming together of the high end and the low end, is a very regular video content strategy.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are incorporating video into already in place strategies, future campaigns and content production.

We’re seeing video as a very successful way to engage with potential clients and existing clients.

Based on things like Facebook algorithms and the way that Google indexes search, video is very highly favoured. A lot of companies are taking advantage of that or need to take advantage of that.

Those are a few of the trends that we’re seeing with the future of video marketing! For more videos about using video in your business, please subscribe to the Pickford Media Youtube channel.

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