*This blog was originally published 13 May, 2016.

This week our Production Manager Abramo Peghini takes over the blog, continuing our trend of ‘sharing the bad stuff’.

This month has been a real testament to the fact that nothing is set in stone and you should be ready for change at any time.

March was a bumper month for us.

We made – and spent! – money liberally and set ourselves up to be more productive than ever. But, as I suspect is usually the case, a lot was pulled out from under us and now we’re working hard to find ways to tackle the headwind we’ve hit.

April was an uphill battle. We were burnt out pretty early on and spent a lot of time just trying to put the wheels back on again.

We had meeting after meeting and made some great strides to widening our professional network – and securing some contracts we wanted.

The unfortunate side effect to all this was both of us crashing in a big way.

Weeks of working with no breaks, on top of filming days and meeting days (and all the admin that goes into running any business) left us uninspired, uncreative and in need of a few days on the couch. Watching the Food Network, naturally!

May has well and truly begun.

This week we’ve been hit with some unfortunate news, but also a renewed productivity.

We’re about to embark on a new adventure, filled with fun things to offer our clients. And we’re starting to see the finished products of some work for our current clients.

There’s a nagging in the back of my mind that we have to succeed.

That’s probably what is driving my renewed love for the business.

Zoe went to a Business Chicks event this week and one of the points that stood out to me as she was recapping the day was that all three women who spoke we’re maxed out on their plastic and NEEDED to grab success.

Failure was simply not an option.

This is a huge part of start-up culture that I identify with.

It’s not even the old adage of working well under pressure; it is a survival instinct.

Just this week I’ve reached out to just about every contact I’ve got in a bid to get the ball rolling with my sound career again. (It has been mainly put on hold so we can get Pickford to where we’re happy with it.)

I’ve had to push through a lot of barriers that have caused me extensive anxiety in the past.

The catalyst of all this has been fear of not surviving. Or worse, fear of having to ask for a hand-out.

I work well in the face of the fear of not having a roof over my head. Or food on the table. It has been the genesis of all my major life changes and my success, but I often wonder if I’ll ever be able to feel like I’m comfortable and also be successful.

But then again, I wonder if I’ll ever want to feel like that.


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