*This blog was first published 28 April, 2016.

I watch a lot of YouTube. A lot.

I know who ‘YouTubers’ are and would be able to point out hundreds of them to fellow ageing millennials. I’m fascinated by what they do.

I also know it seems a lot easier than it is. They can appear to just be living their merry lives and making buckets of money from it, garnering a lot of hate from viewers and traditional media outlets alike.

But many of these people have multiple YouTube channels, churning out tonnes of video content each week (which as anyone who has delved into video production can attest to the fact it is TIME CONSUMING!), as well as constant social media updating.

I think we business owners and DIY marketers have a lot to learn from these ‘millennial bludgers’.

Now, why did I start talking about YouTube again?

Right! One of my favourite video ‘types’ to watch is monthly favourites.

These videos are generally beauty-centric, with the YouTuber discussing their favourite eyeliners and foundations of the month (how did I ever purchase makeup before getting other people’s opinions..!?), but also often delving into favourite books, films and music for the month as well.

These are (generally) women with larger-than-life personalities who have made themselves their brands.

That alone I admire, but I also enjoy the videos for the pure fact they are just videos filled with good things.

Someone has taken the time over the month to think about the things they like, and like enough to share in the hopes it will make a positive impact on viewer’s lives. Sure, we run into advertorial issues, but I don’t think we get enough purely good things, and for that I will happily and naively turn a blind eye to how much someone might make to mention a product.

Good things are, by definition, good.

They can be hard to come by when you’re having the week from hell and to-do lists are never-ending and you just made a whole frittata for dinner and dropped it on the floor as you were about to serve it.

Hearing about other people’s bad times can be good, too.

I don’t mean in the sense of getting joy from other’s misfortunes, but in the relatable, refreshing, comforting, oh-you-have-bad-days-too, oh-we-have-the-same-issues, oh-you-don’t-know-how-to-write-a-tax-return-either!?! way.

Abramo and I have been hustling (he’s going to hate that I used that term..!) hardcore over the last couple of weeks and it’s been an incredible learning experience talking with other business women about common issues and concerns. I feel a hell of a lot less alone and I’ve been sitting on this thought for the last month or so:

The places you struggle the most with, are the places you have the most to give.

I struggle with overwhelm and burnout and not answering emails and working until I’m physically exhausted and have to take days off, and the corresponding guilt of taking time off.

And I struggle with delegating.

I struggle with putting away money for tax and super.

And I struggle with finishing ideas before another idea will capture my attention.

I struggle with anxiety in a big way.

I guess I just want to share these things to let you know that every body has struggles, even when it seems like they might be the most successful, most glamorous, most fantastic person on earth.

Monthly favourites and Instagram photos really are the highlight reel. I know you’ve heard that a thousand times before, but it can take time to sink in.

With that in mind I’ve been trying to let some more of the bad stuff out. Because someone else’s relief and comfort at your bad stuff can make the bad stuff better.

 Reflection in business is a hugely important step.

We’ve been keeping monthly vlogs and it’s been a great way to reflect on the month as a whole: what’s been working, what hasn’t, good days and bad days, the whole lot. 

Here’s March:

And here’s a secret:

When I showed Abramo the rough cut for the first time to him, I actually said that March might have been the best month of my life. It was a really, really good month.

Here’s another secret:

April wasn’t.

It’s had serious highs but really low lows as well.

In March everything seemed to be turning up roses, like we were just on the cusp of something amazing happening.

April it’s been happening, which has been great, but it’s also been overwhelming in a profound way that’s seen me avoiding my computer and binging on the Food Network (and pizza. And chocolate. And wine.).

We’re always going to have these ups and downs.

Where am I going with this? Growth isn’t always a smooth line.

Don’t feel like you’ve failed if you’ve had a sudden dip – chances are it won’t last forever and you’ll come out of it even stronger than before. Now if I could only heed my own advice..!

So: live and share. Share it all.

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