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Being a sound recordist, one of the things I rely on super heavily is a really good set of headphones.

I’ve gone through lots of different headphones over the years.

And I’ve finally found the absolute Holy Grail, Abramo-certified headphones that I love so much.


I was surfing on the internet late one night when I found them: Ultrasones.


They’re a Bavarian company and basically they’re the best headphones I’ve ever tried in my life!


My Ultrasone Headphones Review:


These headphones are very rugged, and much better to my ears than the Beyerdynamics.

They’re smaller headphones, they’re lighter, they’re cooler, but the most important thing about them is the lack of ear fatigue at the end of the day.

Most days that I’m working I’m on set for up to 12 hours, and most of that time I’ll have a set of headphones on. BBy the end of the day using the Sony’s or the AKGs, I’m sick of hearing things and I can’t get away from it.

I get really bad ear fatigue, and when I’m doing longer form jobs for a couple of weeks at a time, I find I feel like my ears never reset back to how they should be by the next day. So it’s a real cumulative effect for me. 

 But with the Ultrasones I get absolutely none of that.

 I have the HFI-780s, so these aren’t the very top of the range.

And while I tossed up between these and the Pro-990s, I picked these just because I fit my ears a little bit better.

They take a while to get used to the sound though.

They’ve got this bit of technology which means the driver is situated in such a way that sounds like you’re hearing studio monitors. There’s a lot more air around the sound and they’re incredibly detailed which can be good and bad.

I find I’ve had to reset the way I think and the way I hear on set.

A lot of the time I want things to sound perfect. Most people who work with me will know that I’ll grumpily turn everything off and growl at people if they don’t shut up! And these headphones really accentuate that in a huge way.

They’re very, very detailed, and the clarity is amazing.

I absolutely love them.

Comparatively, I found especially with the AKGs, I used four or five different kinds of those, I’d have my audio sounding pretty good on them, but it would sound pretty average everywhere else.

I know that if I can get something sounding good on the Ultrasones, the audio is going to sound amazing on anything else.


But as I said it takes a while. It took me at good four or five weeks to really have my ears get used to the sound that they were hearing because they don’t at all sound like headphones, which is good for me.


So you may notice bright blue headphone covers! This isn’t how they come. These are a Garfield product, which you can find on eBay here.


blue garfield headphone softies on ultrasone headphones review by abramo peghini


They go over the cup. You can take them off really easy. They’re a sonically neutral material but they keep your head nice and warm in winter and they keep your head nice and cool in summer. They wick all the sweat away and all that good stuff, but in winter it’s like wearing warm ear muffs.

On these headphones in particular, they do change your sound a little bit.

So again, I had to get used to it. But especially since I’ve got glasses and the ear cups don’t sit on my ears as much with these… anyone with glasses and headphones understands the struggle is real!

blue garfield headphone softies on ultrasone headphones review by abramo peghini


 One of the things I love about these headphones and with the technology that Ultrasone use, is you can monitor at much lower levels. 

I tend to monitor quite loudly and it’s very bad for my ears. 

I’ve already got a bit of tinnitus from playing in bands back in the day and I do have a tendency of listening to things too loud.

Being able to monitor at a much lower level has been an absolute lifesaver.

Again, it’s also going to help the ear fatigue that I’ve been having.

Being able to monitor at a lower level is amazing and that was worth the price alone. 

Construction wise, they’re incredibly rugged.

 I’ve treated them really badly. I treat all my headphones really badly. I probably shouldn’t, but they get knocked around the bag! They get pulled off my head, or I leave them on my seat and I sit on them sometimes.

I’m a very clumsy kind of person so they’ve held up incredibly well with only a few scratches.

The only down side I could think of these is the headband.

The headphones have got this little bit of foamy kind of stuff that doesn’t really break in. It’s a bit hard and a bit thin and weird. Sometimes the crown of your head has a bit of pressure there.

I‘m not a huge fan of that but I’m going to come up with a way to fix that and I dunno, duct-tape something to it! Always got enough camera tape in the house!

ultrasone headphones review by abramo peghini

So, if you’re after a new set of headphones, definitely try the Ultrasones.

I prefer them sonically over anything else on the market, especially for the price. They are a bit on the exxy side but comparatively not too bad next to Sennheisers.

I think the pro version to have a few cool features like the detachable cable out of the ear cup.

That is one downside of these headphones. The cable isn’t detachable and it’s not coiled and a few other things that I like in a cable and a set of headphones.

The sound profiles across the range very a fair amount so go and see what’s comfortable.

If you can try them on for a bit longer, definitely do that! When you listen to them at first they are going to sound a bit weird and a bit different. But, they’re probably the best investment I’ve made for my ears.

So yeah, Ultrasones! This is not sponsored, I just absolutely love them!

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