Have you expanded your video budget and now want consistent high quality content?

Maybe you have even thought about hiring a videographer on staff, but you don’t need the hassle of adding an employee that will be doing everything themselves and running the risk of dropping the quality of content you want representing your business.

Our business video subscription is perfect for you!

We want to make video content accessible and affordable to as many businesses and entrepreneurs as possible, and our subscription-based video production packages can help you save money while producing video content on a huge scale at huge quality for your audience and potential customers and clients. 

We have developed a package in collaboration with some of our favourite industry creatives to deliver regular high quality content for your business across all platforms that you use, as well as bringing all your previous work into line with your up-to-date brand profile – all while maintaining a price point of a single videographer. 

As with all of the content we produce here at Pickford Media we will look after the SEO and distribution of your content so you can get maximum return on investment. 

We love telling stories and we want the whole world to know yours!

So, maybe your marketing budget has expanded and you’re looking for lots of consistent, high quality video content because you know that’s what your business needs to grow further.

And maybe you’ve thought,

“Oh, I’ll hire a videographer!”

Now this is a great idea but it does come with a few pitfalls. For one, hiring extra staff can be a lot of trouble. Getting one person to do video production has a lot of shortfalls to it. If there’s one thing our experience on film and TV sets has taught us, it’s that

making videos is a team sport.

You don’t need just one person running everything because you’re definitely going to end up cutting corners. 

Through partnership with our various contractors and rental suppliers we’re now able to offer an affordable and high quality video subscription package. This subscription package has been formulated with businesses in mind, and the increasing need for businesses to utilise video content on their social media platforms and website. 

Our video subscriptions can help your business release quality content consistently and at a high quality. Your audience will be engaged and your brand will be portrayed in the best way possible. All without costing you a fortune.

Our Video Production Business Subscription package gives you two videos up to five minutes in length. Plus ten short, social media teaser videos (~30 seconds) every single month. All content is recorded with our mid-level camera package which is perfect for web content.

We’re happy to help you sketch out your ideas each month to help you fit your videos in with your current social media marketing strategy. You’ll also be able to download some of our subscriber benefits, like our three-part video content calendar to keep you on track with your efforts. 

To our subscribers we also offer complete management of consistent YouTube uploading and basic video SEO. Things like tags, keywords, transcripts, descriptions and custom thumbnails. We’ll also incorporate this service into any videos you may produce yourself over the period to keep your content consistent. 

Whether it’s short advertorial, corporate video or short story pieces, our subscription package can deliver quality content regularly. Let us help you expand your presence in the digital space.

Let’s do this! We’re looking forward to hearing from you at



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