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If you can dream it, we can make it - or we'll at least know the people who can!

Some of our favourite ways to use video effectively for business include:

Brand Storytelling Videos

Perfect for your website and social media channels, whether you're sharing the brand values, brand origin or brand mission, video will immerse your audience in your story.

Home Page Explainer Videos

Once upon a time, videos were only used to explain complex products or solutions. Now they are just as likely to give an overview of your value proposition on your home page. On top of that, video plays a huge role in the SEO health and discoverability of your website, and can be integrated into different site pages and blogs. Don't keep video exclusively in a library; anchor videos with other pieces of content like a blog piece, relevant support article, or landing page.

Advertising Videos

You can run ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube (just to name a few channels) to drive traffic to your white papers and videos, and to complement your additional content marketing.

Customised Landing Page Videos

Similar to the home page explainer video, landing pages that include a customised video are highly valuable as they match the call-to-action you've sent. You can even make hundreds of variations of a particular video to personalise your content.

Educational Video Content

Tutorials, how-tos, reviews, guides... these are perfect pieces of content for audiences looking to engage and learn about a subject. These types of videos can be posted to your blog, live in a permanent learning or resource centre, or serve as a teaser for further content.

Email Videos

'Show, don't tell' is an ideal way to break through the increasingly deafening inbox noise.

About Us Videos

Customers are just as interested in the 'who' as they are in the 'what' or 'how much.'' When two providers are closely matched on quality and price, perceived trustworthiness and commitment to service are often the deciding factors. Video is an excellent medium for communication your values or simply putting a face on your company.

Our most popular video packages include:

- A Day in the Life Video Series

- Event Coverage

- Brand, Service, Product or Profile Awareness Video

- Training Videos

- You're The Expert - Online Course Videos

For even more video ideas, check out our 52 Videos Ideas tailored to YOUR business.

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