Hi! My name is Zoe Winther, I’m the founder of Pickford Media and I’m also a video content strategist.

But what does that mean? What is a video content strategist?

Watch the video below, or keep scrolling if you’d prefer to read, about how Zoe defines what a video content strategist is, and just what we do:


So, what is a video content strategist?

Well, I help businesses use video content as a marketing strategy and ultimately as a sales funnel.

Now, it’s not the kind of thing like video advertising, paid for advertising on Facebook or the pre-roll before YouTube. That does play a role in video content strategy, but we’re more about the organic side of things. 

We recommend your video strategist working closely with a paid advertising expert to make something REALLY special!

In terms of video content strategy, we’re talking about leveraging YouTube for example to get you organic reach, optimising for heaps of genuine engagement and using that as a sales funnel to turn viewers into paying customers and clients.

We do social media video, using video on Facebook, Facebook Lives and Instagram for example.

At Pickford, we utilise those videos and platforms in heaps of different ways, repurposing content and using it as a sales funnel and a strategy to get more customers and clients.

And we also work with business owners and entrepreneurs who are only just getting into video and aren’t quite feeling confident in front of the camera. 

The first time in front of the camera is absolutely daunting!

I think there’s about 1 percent of people who are naturally good at being on camera!

BUT, it is a skill that you can learn. We work with a lot of people on gaining the confidence to get your message out there and to be in front of the camera.

A big part of video content strategy is working out exactly what videos to make.

That can be a really hard part – once you finally decide to get into video, what on earth do you make videos about?

At Pickford Media, we do a lot of that kind of pre-production: the keyword planning, looking really deeply into what your potential clients want to watch, what they’re actively searching for and how your video can get in front of them.

Once the video is done, we then work really deeply on optimising the video, no matter what platform it’s on.

We’re particular fans of YouTube, but we use many other platforms as well. So, we work together on how to get all those keywords into your content and how to get as many eyes on that video as possible.

At Pickford, we do a lot of video production. But we definitely don’t force you to invest in a production company coming over and doing your videos!

(Although it’s a great option!)

Instead, we can also teach you how to use what you have.

Whether that’s your phone or a camera that you’ve invested in, we’re all about using what we have to make the best video possible.

It’s not quite as easy as just picking up your phone and you’re ready to go. However, there are definitely skills and ways to make it look better and we help you with that as well.

So, all the parts of the journey from pre-production, making the video and then what you do after it…

We put all the pieces of the puzzle together and work out a strategy for video.

Video is going to be massive in 2020! But it’s not just as easy as making a video and posting it on Facebook. You do need a strategy and that’s where a video content strategist comes in!


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