Zoe Winther, founder of Pickford Media, talks what is branded video content – a massive trend that is continuing well into 2019.

In the video, Zoe covers:

  • Branded content is a different type of advertising to the traditional TV and online ads we typically see.
  • It’s more about the soft sell. Branded video content is often relatable, funny and shareable.
  • Branded content is story-based. It generally tells a story using the product it’s advertising. A great example of this is Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ series; they are incredibly emotional and relatable, and we really only discover the video is an ad at the very end.
  • Dove’s Real Beauty sketches campaign explored the difference in how we perceive ourselves compared to how others perceive us. (SPOILER: We’re a lot harder on ourselves than on other people!)
  • Branded videos usually work in one of two ways: more broadly relatable, which are often funny and ‘edgy’, or on the flip side aimed at a very specific targeted audience.
  • One of the main things to consider with branded video content is hitting the right tone. You must understand your audience and who you’re targeting. Remember Stoner Sloth? It just didn’t hit the mark it was trying to and became the target of thousands of jokes online.

stoner sloth branded video content pickford media zoe winther

  • The Aus Govt’s ‘Stoner Sloth’ campaign is a perfect example of branded video content missing the mark by not fully understanding their target audience. In a somewhat ironic twist, Stoner Sloth became the target of merciless memes online created by the ad’s own target audience.
  • We’re seeing companies put out more and more of this highly produced, sleek branded content as audiences get more and more savvy. Audiences don’t want to be directly ‘sold’ to, and this content is becoming a popular answer to this idea.

Hopefully this has made branded content a little clearer!

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