Video 101 - A Beginner's Workshop
for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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You have this idea...

A series of videos profiling your business, or interviewing your favourite entrepreneurs, or how-to tutorial videos for hair and make-up to combine with the efforts from your day job.

Or maybe you see videos on your Facebook feed every day and struggle to pull yourself away (secretly feeling jealous and inadequate that you are not creating your own video content like the business owners you idolise!)

But there is something missing.

Video looks cool but it also looks like a lot of work, to both organise the video and then continue the marketing and analytics afterwards.

And do not even get me started on the cost!

Your cousin/brother-in-law/mentor just mentioned dropping $30K on ONE video!

You do not have that kind of cash flow, and even if you did, you would not know how to measure the success of a video.

That's where the Pickford Media Beginner Video for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs comes in.

You are ready. . .

To create something beautiful, interesting, and enticing to potential clients and customers.

To feel confident with your video efforts and analysing their value after distribution.

To manage what you can measure.

To become that incredible force that your peers envy for your video content.

To invest in yourself with an evening of education surrounded by like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs.

You are absolutely not alone.

About the Course

With this course we teach you how video can help your business.

We have buckets of ideas for potential videos for almost every industry and we will help you brainstorm content.

We will show you how to effectively use videos you already have, as well as incorporating professional video with DIY video.

We will show you the results we have had in our business, including how video has increased the time spent on our website by 1400%!

We will teach you how to distribute your content onto various platforms and social media, including thumbnails, correct tagging, incorporating keywords and efficient calls to action.

You will also get to make a video you can take home with you and immediately put to use everything you have learnt on your own website and social media platforms!

Abramo Peghini headshot

You know how important video is to your marketing strategy.
I know you have seen the facts and figures all over the place.

But if you ever needed some extra persuasion, here are a few more numbers to remind you:

1 hour and 55 minutes:
The daily average users spend watching digital video. Time spent watching digital video outside time spent on ALL other listed platforms in the eMarketer report, including digital radio, Facebook and Pandora.

14 - 25:
The age of trailing millennials who, according to the report by Deloitte, are watching more shows on digital devices than on traditional TV screens. As this generation of trailing millennials grows up, they will expect the best content to be offered on digital platforms. The advertising that accompanies that content needs to be innovative enough to hold their fleeting attention.

According to the Online Publishers Association, that is the percentage of Internet users who recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days. Of that 80%, 46% took some action after viewing the ad, including visiting the website mentioned or purchasing the product featured.

That is how much more likely website visitors are to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video, comScore says.

We are all about demystifying the video production process

It is still hard. It takes a lot of work.
Trust us, we have made enough videos to know!

What you'll learn over two hours with the Pickford team:

How video can help your business attract an audience, engage consumers,
boost traffic and time spent on your website and convert interest into sales.

How to effectively use the video content that is hiding away on your phone,
computer or hard drive without seeing the light of day.

How to create and use video on your phone or laptop webcam.

How to create a content strategy that uses both DIY and professional content.

What kind of videos can help your business, no matter what type of business you run.

How to upload and distribute your content to get the most possible viewers.

How to produce your very own video using the gear we use with our clients!

Here's how we roll:

When you register you will be sent a Workshop Welcome Kit.

You will receive your Video 101 for Businesses and Entrepreneurs workbook (which we would LOVE if you could use a soft copy on your laptop on the night HASHTAG SAVETHEPLANET!).

This baby is chocked full of goodies we usually reserve for our video package subscribers, like our comprehensive video content calendar and DIY video marketing checklist.

We will also give you a couple of to-dos before the workshop to get the most out of our time together!

Then it's on to the workshop fun times! See you there?

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