Youtube Channel Management

Video is an incredibly powerful tool.

Video in conjunction with a Youtube strategy AND Youtube video search engine optimisation best practices?

It can quite literally MAKE businesses.

See, used the right way, Youtube can help you grow your brand awareness and build traction, give you an expert status in your field and connect with your audience in a real and personal way.

Used the wrong way video can cost a LOT of money with very little return on investment. 

Within our Youtube channel management framework, we’ll analyse what you and/or your business is doing online in the digital space, and search for gaps and opportunities to use video content as a lead generator, customer engagement tool and brand awareness builder.

We’ll assess what you’ve been doing (whether or not you’ve been using video content already, that’s okay!) and create a Youtube game plan for your business.

At Pickford, our end game is always helping women in business make their businesses better, using tools and content you may already have. In this way, we can scale all of our content strategies depending on your needs and budget.

See… when it comes down to it, lots of types of videos are easy to produce, and there’s no shortage of videographers and production companies able to film and edit a bigger video production. 

It’s what happens before and after you make it that is the key to successful video. 

We help you utilise marketing tools, technology and video content to help your business grow, and we’ll do it without all the jargon to help you keep doing it long after our work together is over.